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Saving Money on Bulk Purchasing Workout Trackers

Written by Maria

Buying health bands in bulk for your employees can be expensive. Many employees already have a favorite wearable technology fitness tracker, and won’t use a different one. Additionally, employees may find it hard to start using one if they haven’t before. Fortunately you can follow a few rules to make providing fitness trackers an affordable investment:

  1. Make the program opt-in. Have employees buy their own fitness tracker and submit for reimbursement. They will be able to choose the tracker they want, and are more likely to use it because of this.
  2. Split the cost. Have employees pay a portion of the cost of the tracker (like the shipping/handling fee). This way employees have some skin in the game and will be much more likely to use it once they get it.
  3. Reimburse for the exercise, not the exercise tracker. Worried your employees won’t use the trackers you buy them? Incentivize it! Pay them back for the physical activity they track while wearing the device. After a few days/weeks of exercise employees will have earned back the money they spent. IncentFit’s rewards program is designed around paying people for exercise, instead of gym memberships or fitness trackers–giving employers a guaranteed return on their investment.
  4. Leverage free trackers. Many employees have smart phones, which all come with Apple Health or Google Fit fitness trackers installed. Encourage the use of free apps and put your money toward motivating activity and exercise.

Extra things to remember

When in doubt, do some quick research before you buy. Ask employees what they want, encourage them to use free trackers when possible, and most importantly encourage employees to use their tracker! Employees with “skin in the game” whether it’s social pressure from a step challenge that uses the trackers, or having employees pay for their health bands up front, will be much more likely to put these fitness devices to good use.

Still not sure which device is best for your employees? We offer wellness program consultation and the ability to implement a customizable activity rewards program for your employees, so they are encouraged to build healthy behaviors. We’ll help you set up the best program to fit your needs. Just schedule a call here to get started!

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