Vaccination and Testing Tracking

Automate the administrative work for

Zero Administration. Easy Compliance.

IncentFit is the hassle-free way to record and confirm vaccination status, or COVID test results.

Designed to streamline any vaccination or COVID testing tracking related requirements, IncentFit manages the entire program with our user-friendly mobile app, in-house document verification, and automated HIPAA compliant reporting.

How it Works

Employees submit their proof of vaccination, or COVID test results directly on the application

IncentFit’s team manually verifies, and confirms the accuracy of documents submitted by employees.

We automate recurring reporting for you, so that you can easily stay on top of any compliance requirements.

How We're Different

HIPAA Compliant Admin: Our expert staff verifies uploaded documents to maintain a HIPAA compliant program for you.

Flexible with Any Exemptions: We have designed our product to handle any religious, medical, or other exemptions.

Easy & Free Implementation: No implementation fees. Set-up can be done in days. No annual contracts required.

User-friendly: We automatically communicate with your employees through the app, nudging them to submit required documents.

Download our Shareable One Page Explainer for the Vaccination and Testing Tracking Solution

We will email you a PDF one page explainer, so that you can easily share information about our solution with your team.

Would you like to try incentivizing employees to get vaccinated, ahead of any legal requirements? 

Learn more about the current status of mandate programs, and how to implement a successful vaccination incentive program!