Automate the administration of your Vaccination Program

IncentFit manages your vaccination tracking program with our user-friendly mobile app, automated communications, in-house document verification team, and automated HIPAA compliant reporting.


Mitigate your Risk for Vaccine Compliance with our Streamlined, Secure & Scalable Solution

Streamline your compliance by customizing our solution to automate your program. Learn more about how we set up Compliance Programs for employers.

Securely run a vaccine compliance program that will easily pass any audit.

Scale your program to whatever size you need. We're here for you as your requirements change.

How Vaccine Compliance Tracking Streamlines Administration

IncentFit's Vaccine Compliance Tracking solution makes it easy and affordable to track and verify employee vaccination status.

Here is how we do it:

  • In-House Customer Support Team to help users every step of the way
  • Automatic Reminders for Employees or Contractors to upload their vaccination cards, test results, and exemptions
  • Secure HIPAA compliant storage for uploaded vaccination cards and test results
  • Easy to use reporting for managers to track vaccination submissions, and test results
  • Track compliance across teams, offices, or any other way you would like
  • Easy to integrate with other human resource, or compliance systems that you may use
  • Incentivize Vaccinations, and/or test results to see quicker results
  • ...and more!

See vaccine compliance tracking in action.

How Vaccine Compliance Tracking Works

Set Up Your Vaccination Tracking Program

    We'll work with you to setup you up for success with your vaccination tracking program. All we need from your end is...
  • Your eligibility file feed, so that we can request physical documents from eligible employees
  • What type of Vaccination(s) you require, for your program

You choose the...

  • Submission deadlines
  • Types of acceptible documents

Our system will automate the administration, communications and reporting for your program.

Our in-house customer support team will manually review and confirm all documents submitted by employees.

We'll make sure all documents submitted are legitimate, and fit your exact requirements.

“I love that IncentFit is easy to use and administer. The app is user friendly. The reports are very helpful.”

- Director of Human Resources, IncentFit Client

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