Improve Employee
Health and Happiness
with world-class
Corporate Wellness

  • Bill Cotter Cotter Consulting

    IncentFit was just the program I needed to win over our President. Program fees are very low, it’s super easy to administer, and it engages employees around healthy activities rather than personal health information, which fits our culture better.

  • Bart Malloch Collins Pipe

    Might just be the incentive I needed to get my butt in gear. Something I haven’t done in years! So join me in getting fit and earn some dough while doing it!

  • Megan Mariani Atlantic Pacific Capital

    Great program you have. Seriously, I have gone from chubby mommy of 2 back to myself again and even better. Before we were all sitting around the office talking about not being fat… now we are competing to not be fat… amazing the different results that come out of a competition rather than a conversation.

Show your employees you care. Reward them for exercise.

All fitness levels welcome

Reward any type of fitness or wellness activity. Whether they’re going to a gym, doing yoga, or running in the park, they get rewarded.

Employees will love you for it

60% of eligible employees participate. That’s double most corporate wellness programs.

Cost effective

Put your dollars into your employees, not costly and time-consuming administration.

Foster community and motivate the team with fitness challenges

Fun & Social

Make fitness fun! Use social pressure and teamwork to get your employees moving.

Optimize Engagement

SmartEngage creates the most engaging challenges for each group of employees.

Leverage Technology

No FitBits? No problem! We turn employee smartphones into activity trackers. You save money, your employees get unparalleled convenience.

Corporate rate discounts to gyms and fitness facilities

Works Everywhere

Employees will appreciate access to a nationwide network of exclusive corporate rates.

Cost Effective

The most cost-effective way to get started with wellness. Pricing starts at free!

You are going to love Incentfit if

You want to offer a fitness benefit because…

it helps attract and retain the best people

health is important to your culture

your competitors are doing it

it makes employees happy

healthy employees are more productive

But you don’t want to…

manage a network of partner gyms

approve reimbursement forms

issue manual payments

pay for unused gym memberships

manually track fitness challenges

Learn how to make your employees happier and healthier