Capabilities designed to enhance your wellness program

Since 2013, we've been developing and refining our capabilities to make managing an effective wellness program as seamless as possible.

Health Recommendations

Encourage your employees to take action on improving their personal wellness, through personalized health recommendations.

Personalized Health Newsletter

Automatic, individualized bi-weekly health newsletters that help keep your employees engaged and on track to meet their goals.

Communications Tools

Get the engagement that your wellness program deserves through our automated communication tools.               

Incentive Management

Use incentives to keep your employees motivated, engaged and happy while participating in your wellness program. 

Real Time Reporting

Make it easy to understand, and communicate your wellness programs success with our automated, detailed, program specific reports.

Pulse Surveys

Stay connected with your employees, by continuously gathering feedback, and measuring sentiment about key company initiatives.


Give your employees, and key stakeholders peace of mind that their information is kept safe and secure through our security infrastructure.

Health Screenings and Assessments

Use these tools to strategically raise awareness of health issues, identify problems, and promote a healthier lifestyle for all.


Identify potential health risks for your team, and give your employees a real chance to take proactive steps to improve their health.

Workforce Compliance

Make your compliance program a breeze by automating document collection & review.

User Portal

Make your wellness program accessible to all users through our user-friendly mobile app & web portal.

Admin Portal

Use all of our admin tools and resources in order to manage & optimize your wellness program for success


Connect to any app, device, or service that you are using as a part of your HR operation. 

Customizable Challenges

Drive healthy behaviors, and supercharge employee engagement through fun and friendly wellness challenges.

Employee Recognition

Show your people that you value, and recognize them. Reap the rewards of doing so through higher engagement!

Health Content

Improve your team's health literacy by giving them access to health topics that they are interested in.

Wellness Calendar

Bring your people together by connecting through company wellness events, webinars, meet-ups, activities and socials. All in one place!

Customer Support

Support your employees throughout your wellness program, without taking up your time. Our in-house pro's are always ready to help!

Activity Tracking

Don't interrupt your employees ecosystem of apps & devices. Sync with any/all of their softwares, so that their fitness activity reflects on their dashboard.

Personalized Goal Setting

Give your employees an easy system that helps form healthy habits, motivate them, and keep them accountable!


Give your employees instant-access to discounts at 20,000 fitness & wellness facilities (and counting) nation-wide

Capabilities that yield results.

Just a few reasons why hundreds of organizations worldwide chosen IncentFit since 2013...

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