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Incentivizing Wellness: How much money should employers offer in an incentive-based wellness program?

Approaches to corporate wellness programs vary, but the most effective ones include financial incentives. In this research report, HR managers will learn how to structure an incentive program, how much money to offer, and what it will ultimately cost the company overall.


The Evolution of Workplace Wellness

How did workplace wellness go from niche interest to a business imperative? In this report, we reviewed a century of industry trends and changes to help us better understand where we've been, and what's next.


Measuring What Matters: The ROI of Workplace Wellness

When you're investing in your employees' health and wellbeing, how do you know if it's worth the money? What does a return on investment look like, and how do you calculate it?

This report explains what to expect from disease management vs lifestyle wellness programs, and how to measure the impact—from healthcare savings to productivity.


The Definitive Corporate Wellness Product Landscape

What are the options? This comprehensive survey of the corporate wellness industry includes categories, definitions, and differenting factors for dozens of products. This vendor-agnostic report is designed to help HR managers choose the products that will work best for their people.


Taking a Two-Part Approach to Wellness

In this whitepaper, we'll cover the differences between disease management and lifestyle wellness approaches, and explore how companies can optimize their programs using the 80/20 principle.


How to Influence Healthier Choices

In this whitepaper, we'll introduce tools and concepts from decades of behavioral science research. Learn how to influence your employees to make healthier choices and get better wellness program engagement.


One Size Fits None

In this whitepaper, we'll discuss how segmentation can help you design a custom, personalized wellness program that suits the unique needs of your employees and your business.

Case Study

Lending Club is the world’s largest peer-to-peer lending platform. Over the last decade, they’ve helped millions of people access credit and invest for the future, with over $35.9 billion in loans issued to date.

As a forward-thinking company, they help their 1,800 employees feel valued with perks and benefits to support a happier, healthier life. See how Lending Club benefitted from implementing activity rewards with a minimum threshold.

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