Everything You Need To Get Started With A Wellness Program In Minutes

Investing in the health and well-being of your employees means investing in the overall success of your organization. Launch provides a user-friendly, cost-effective solution that checks all the boxes needed to gauge, improve and maintain employee wellness. With countless automated tools and templates, Launch makes it easy to customize and jump-start your organization’s wellness journey.

Just a few reasons why hundreds of organizations worldwide chosen IncentFit since 2013...

What results do employers typically
see with Launch?


Organizations who use IncentFit to facilitate their wellness program see an average participation rate of 58%, well above industry standard.

Gauge Population

Seamlessly and efficiently collect health data from biometrics, health risk assessments, physicals, etc. to analyze and auto-populate aggregate reports.

Build Healthy

An effective wellness program changes habits. Launch sets employees up for long-term success with access to a robust health content library and personalized goals.


Highly-interactive wellness challenges make it easy to get your people active and working more cohesively. Build high-functioning teams with customizable competitions.

A deeper dive into how Launch
builds a happier, healthier workplace...


Build Camaraderie with Quarterly Team Challenges

Boosting camaraderie is a breeze with quarterly step challenges and competitions. Real-time leaderboards and chat keep employees motivated and encourage team work.

Our SmartEngage System makes challenges hassle-free by automatically creating challenges that are perfectly tailored to your entire employee population, as well as their personal fitness level.

Quarterly pre-built step challenges

Automated activity tracking & reward disbursement

Learn more about how Challenges improve camaraderie


Help Employees Build Healthy Habits with Individualized Goals

Launch allows employees to set and achieve their own progressive wellness goals. With automated activity reporting and reward disbursement capabilities, you can even incentivize employees to meet the goals they set!

With Goals, employees can...

 Set goals for activities with duration & intensity level

Receive reminders & notifications to stay on track

Get automatic rewards for achieving their goals

Learn more about improving population health with Goals  


Motivate Program Participation with Incentivizes

Our platform offers the ability to incentivize any part of an employee wellness program through pre-built incentive plans included in Launch.

Our system will always automatically track and disburse payments when an employee completes an activity included in your organization's rewards plan.

Automate Activity Tracking & Verification

 Disburse Payouts Automatically

Learn more about how Incentives boost program participation


Improve Health Literacy with Customizable Health Content

Launch offers a highly-individualized and customizable feed of the latest news and advice from top health experts. Employees can select specific topics relevant to their personal health and wellness goals to receive new educational health content on a daily basis.

Employees can also receive a bi-weekly personalized health newsletter to keep them motivated and up-to-date on the latest health and wellness insights.

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Easily Complete Annual Health Assessments

Use in-app health risk assessments to understand and improve your employees' health. Our pre-built HRA measures employee health across all dimensions of wellness and is quick and easy to fill out.

With Launch, you'll even have the ability to incentivizehealth assessments and maximize your completion rates.

Employees submit heath risk assessments in the app

Automatically populate aggregate health reports

Easily access a snapshot of year over year impact

Learn more about improving population health with HRAs


Automate Population Reporting

Launch automates reporting for admins across any aspect of your wellness program. Easily collect data and populate aggregate reports you need to periodically reevaluate your team's needs and see how Launch improves population health throughout your program!

 Automated aggregate reports

Snapshot views of participation rates, population health, etc.

Discover IncentFit's reporting capabilities

Core Capabilities

Launch by IncentFit offers equitable benefits to both organizations & it's employees with automation, customization & a user-friendly platform.

Core Capabilities

CompleteHealth offers equitable benefits to both organizations & it's employees
with automation, customization & a user-friendly platform.

Integrate with over 60 trusted services & platforms

How To Get Started

Most employers are able to set up, implement and start
using Launch within 5 business days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Employees choose whichever wellness activities that are most relevant to their needs (e.g. fitness, mental wellness, nutrition, sleep, and more!). Then in the app, users can set daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

Users can sync their IncentFit accounts with:

  • Health tracking apps like Apple Health, Samsung Health, Strava, etc.
  • Wearbale devices like FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin, etc.

We have over 900 health education topics and the best part is that each employee picks the topics that are most relevant to them! We take it from there by sending them information about those topics.

Employees can spend their rewards in our Merchandise Mall. This Mall has over 20,000 items to choose from, including hundreds of gift card options.

Yes, plenty! Launch is designed to be completely customizable to best fit the unique goals and needs of your team. Our team will work with you throughout the implementation process and can make any changes throughout the program as requested. Customizations include things like

  • Choosing the type of activities, duration and structure of challenges.
  • Choosing the type of rewards you'd like to offer employees. Our platform can offer everything from financial rewards to PTO. We even have a merch mall for employees to choose their rewards
  • ADD-ONS: We offer 6 powerful Point Solutions to amplify any of our complete solutions or to purchase individually.

Our hands-on, highly-trained, in-house customer success team is availabble to answer both admin and user questions via email and phone, MON-FRI 8AM-8PM

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