Get the Insights You Need to Improve Employee Engagement

It's important to know how your employees feel about aspects of the workplace, their role and the company overall. Pulse Surveys by IncentFit makes collecting honest feedback from employees simple and efficient with customizable pre-built survey templates, automated reminders and aggregated HIPAA compliant reports.


How Do IncentFit Pulse Surveys Work?

You decide what you want to know and we'll make sure the information gets captured and delivered to you in a comprehensive report.

Use Pre-built Surveys Or Create Your Own 

    Admins pick the topics that matter to your company, and decide how frequently to run surveys. 

We Handle All The Administrative Work

    We’ll send your employees brief surveys to complete on their phone or computer. 

Analyze & Act

    Use our comprehensive real-time reports to make strategic decisions and proactively address employee concerns. 

Give Your People A Voice & Your Organization The Tools To Listen

IncentFit sends simple and insightful pulse surveys to your employees about topics that matter most to your organization. Employee feedback is collected as actionable data employers can use to cultivate a high-growth environment and improve employee experience.

Learn more about how Pulse Surveys help your organization!

Survey Library 

Our HR experts created a comprehensive library of surveys. Choose the topics and questions that matter most to you...or create your own!

“We had no idea that so many of our employees weren’t getting enough rest at home. The survey results helped us to prioritize new initiatives to promote healthy sleep and avoid burnout.”

- Associate Director, IncentFit Client

Realtime Data. Actionable Results.

With every pulse survey, you'll get reports of aggregated, anonymous data based on your employees’ responses.

Use these insights to:

  • make strategic wellness decisions
  • reduce employee turnover
  • train your management team
  • change benefits that aren’t working
  • be proactive about employees' needs
  • improve communication
  • advance equity and inclusion
  • build the best company culture

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