Gain the Insights you need to Improve the Health of your Team

Our easy to use biometrics screening solution helps you improve health outcomes on an organization level, and individual level.

Change Lives by empowering your people to make better decisions about their Health & Wellbeing

Your employees get to know their numbers, track their improvement over time, and understand what they need to do to improve their health.

Administrators guide strategic initiatives and improve the health of their team using our aggregated HIPAA compliant reporting.

How Biometrics improve Health Outcomes

Most people are oblivious of their key health indicators. Biometrics help you tackle that problem. Individuals are able to assess their risk of common health concerns, health trends, and get a baseline before they begin to take action on their wellbeing journey.

Use Biometrics Data to:

  • Establish a baseline to track future progress
  • Improve or update your health benefits to tackle key initiatives
  • Run & incentivize wellness challenges to improve key health indicators
  • Invest in necessary disease management programs
  • Offer personalized assistance to employee groups
  • Run initiatives to improve health outcomes
  • Understand risks and potential health costs
  • Make an impact on employee health and wellness
  • ...and more!

See Biometric forms in action.

Make Biometric Screenings easy for Your Employees

Increase your screening participation, by giving your employees the freedom to choose how they would like to be screened.

Physicals from their Primary Care Physician

We can process biometric information from your employees annual physicals.

On-Site Screenings

We can process biometric information from any on-site screening events.

Biometrics from a Medical Lab

We can process biometric information from any off-site screening medical labs.

We'll make sure the rest runs smoothly!

We'll connect with your HR software, or employee eligibility file feed so that we can set up your biometrics program.

We'll automatically notify employees to remind them to upload their biometric forms, or connect their apps and devices.

Employees can speak with our customer success team directly if they have any questions or need help verifying their biometric information

“I love that IncentFit is easy to use and administer. The app is user friendly. The reports are very helpful.”

-Director of Human Resources, IncentFit Client

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