17 October 2017

Introduction to Health Savings Accounts

There are many reasons why companies are choosing to offer health savings accounts (HSAs) as a part of their benefits package. Health insurance prices are on the rise, and HSAs help business decrease costs. A company also may choose to offer HSAs in addition to more traditional health care options as a part of a […]

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Financial Incentives Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking

It’s common knowledge that smoking is bad for your health, yet 15% of Americans continue to smoke. It’s extremely addictive. According to Pregnancy Risk Assessment and Monitoring System (PRAMS), 50% of participants continued to smoke during their pregnancy in Pennsylvania. Smoking not only increases the risk of miscarriage, but it can increase the chances of […]

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Nope! Content Based Wellness Programs are Not Effective

What are the real drivers of healthy habits? It’s definitely not a lack of information. Pretty much everyone knows junk food is bad and exercise is good. Does that knowledge drive them to eat less junk food and exercise more? With the rise of the world wide web, most citizens of the first world have […]

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Quality over Quantity for Corporate Wellness

Sometimes employers add a ton of features to make their corporate wellness program more attractive. Trying to institute many programs at once can spread your efforts too thin and take away from portions of your program that are actually effective. These can be harmful to your ultimate goal of promoting healthier lifestyles amongst the staff. […]

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3 October 2017

4 Ways to Attract and Retain Millennials

Millennials are predicted to make up a whopping fifty percent of the workforce by 2020, and they are looking for more than just a larger paycheck from their employers. In order to keep up, companies are trying new and interesting benefits packages. Here are a few ways to help you attract and retain a millennial […]

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