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In the highly competitive field of healthcare brokerage, standing out is essential. We understand the multifaceted challenges HR brokers face navigating the complexities of today's market. You’re constantly under pressure to offer innovative and effective solutions to help clients manage rising healthcare costs, improve employee engagement, and enhance overall organizational well-being. Keeping up with evolving industry trends and best practices while meeting the diverse needs and goals of individual clients can feel overwhelming.

That's where IncentFit comes in.

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Unique Edge to Wellness Programs

Are your clients struggling with rising healthcare costs, increased absenteeism, lower productivity, and declining employee morale? Many have turned to traditional wellness programs, only to be disappointed by the results. Despite offering generic incentives like gym memberships and wellness workshops, traditional wellness programs only see 24% of employees participating and just 12% finding them effective (Gallup).

These programs fail to address the deeper issues tied to healthcare costs and employee well-being, leaving organizations frustrated with minimal ROI. The rewards offered are not meaningful, lack immediate benefits, and more often than not, the activities don’t resonate with employees.

IncentFit isn’t just another wellness program with hard-to-redeem point systems and generic perks. By placing meaningful and timely incentives at the heart of our approach, IncentFit significantly boosts employee participation and engagement, ensuring that wellness programs are not only implemented but also highly effective.

Partnering with IncentFit means more than just a solution; it’s a strategic advantage. We empower you to become a trusted advisor with powerful wellness tools. Help your clients reduce costs, boost productivity, and improve job satisfaction.

Why Partner with IncentFit?

Meaningful and Timely Incentives

    By placing cash incentives at the core, IncentFit’s wellness programs have been proven to boost employee morale and productivity. This approach links activities like regular exercise, doctor visits, and healthy living to immediate financial benefits resulting in a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

Proven Success and Engagement

    Our programs are not just theoretical; they have been proven to work across hundreds of organizations and thousands of employees. By focusing on incentives, IncentFit can increase participation rates up to 60%, which translates into real, positive changes in employee health and wellness. 

Customized Solutions

    Tailor wellness and lifestyle reimbursement programs to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. Whether focusing on physical health, mental wellness, or lifestyle improvements, IncentFit provides solutions that align with your clients' objectives, driving engagement and results. 

Support and SHRM Approved Resources

    Access SHRM-approved resources, training, and support to enhance your knowledge and expertise in employee wellness and engagement. Stay updated on industry developments, expand your skill set, and earn professional development credits from SHRM. 

By partnering with IncentFit, you can offer your clients a wellness program that truly works, setting you apart as a forward-thinking advisor. Our proven approach helps build a healthier, more productive workforce, making your clients more competitive in their respective markets. Let IncentFit help you navigate the complexities of healthcare brokerage with confidence and success. 

Rising Healthcare Costs

Maximize Your Brokerage's Potential 

Unlock new revenue streams, differentiate your brokerage, and strengthen client relationships with IncentFit's proven wellness and lifestyle reimbursement solutions. With over a decade of experience, supporting hundreds of brokers and companies alike, thousands of users, and distributing over $100 million in rewards, IncentFit is ready to help you maximize wellness efforts.

Get Healthy. Get Rewarded.

Ready to see the difference IncentFit can make? Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative wellness solutions can benefit your brokerage and your clients.

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Get Healthy. Get Rewarded.

Ready to see the difference IncentFit can make? Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative wellness solutions can benefit your brokerage and your clients.

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“Partnering with IncentFit has been a game-changer for our brokerage. Their customizable solutions and expert support have allowed us to deliver unparalleled value to our clients, strengthening our relationships and driving business growth.”

- Sarah, HR Broker

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