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Mission Statement

IncentFit’s mission is to develop a happier and healthier workforce by engaging employees in exercise. With IncentFit, fitness benefit participation skyrockets to over 60%, and members say they feel healthier and more motivated. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than delivering a benefit employees and employers love.

Meet Our Team

Picture of Gabe Priyev

Gabe Priyev


Swing dancer, board-game player, general nerd. Gabe loves a good puzzle to solve, so he spends his working hours focused on strategy and sales/distribution.

Picture of Nico Westerdale

Nico Westerdale


Artist, juggler, goal-getter. Nico is a creative with a particular penchant for software development, so he owns our product from design and functionality to technology and architecture.

Picture of Maria Caruso

Maria Caruso

Customer Success

Animal-lover, sci-fi nerd, foodie. Maria is a perfectionist, so she spends her time trying to create the best possible experience for our customers.

Picture of Connor Boyle

Connor Boyle


Musician, runner, and Netflix junkie. Connor is a people person, so he loves meeting new people and connecting them with the perfect wellness solutions for their company.

Picture of Aubry Norman

Aubry Norman

Customer Success

Sewing enthusiast, D&D Dungeon Master, bibliophile, and Muay Thai kickboxer. Aubry loves problem solving and connecting with people, and strives to bring her good cheer and enthusiasm into every customer interaction.

Picture of Allie Ilagan

Allie Ilagan


Writer, spinning enthusiast, daydreamer. Allie is a multidisciplinary communications pro with an eye for design, so she spends her days doodling and writing stories people want to read.

Picture of Henry Paradiz

Henry Paradiz

Software Engineer

Nerd of SciFi, anime, & PC gaming. In the analog world likes to travel, stay active, and prepare delicious food. Spending most of his time writing code it’s no surprise that Henry’s working with our tech to keep things running smoothly.

Picture of Will Stallwood

Will Stallwood

Product Engineer

Artist, entrepreneur, general know-it-all. Will is a creator of delight. In his spare time he shades as a real-life human being. From time to time he’s know to workout, dabble in the art of design, and throw code against walls like a rabid monkey. Some call him creative, we call him will.

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