Hi, we're IncentFit.

We pay people to exercise. 💪

(Well, it's a little more complicated than that. Keep going to learn more.)

IncentFit is a health and wellness benefits company. 

We serve small-and-mid-sized businesses and health insurance providers, across diverse industries—from major financial firms to manufacturing powerhouses, to public universities and nonprofits. 

Our benefits are designed to reward your employees for making healthy choices all year round. Since 2013, we’ve helped hundreds of other businesses figure out what their employees really need from a wellness program, whether that's motivation to exercise or an easier way to pay for gym memberships. 

Simply put, we make it simple to reward your team for living well.

IncentFit logo

Our mission:

Empowering people to live healthier, happier, more active lives

Our customers:

Leaders who care about their employees as much as they care about growing a business

Our company:

Small and mighty, full of get-it-done-together attitude

Our history:

Years of real expertise in health and wellness, startups and tech, bizops, coffee brewing, and serving people wherever we can

Meet the Team

We’re not super-athletes. Just a passionate bunch who understands the connection between staying healthy and doing our best work.


Gabe Priyev

Founder + CEO

Swing dancer, board-game player, general nerd. Gabe loves a good puzzle to solve, so he spends his working hours focused on strategy and sales/distribution.

Maria Caruso

Operations Manager

Animal-lover, sci-fi nerd, foodie. Maria is a perfectionist, so she spends her time trying to create the best possible experience for our customers.

Connor Boyle

Sales Manager

Musician, runner, and binger-of-Netflix. Connor is a people person, so he loves chatting and connecting folks with the perfect wellness solutions for their company.

Doug Bright

Product Manager

Pilot, traveler, rec-league journeyman, Doug likes getting things done efficiently, so he's always working to make sure customers get the most bang for their buck.

Allie Ilagan

Marketing + Content

Writer, daydreamer, marathoner. Allie is a communications pro with an eye for design, so she spends her days doodling wireframes and writing stories people want to read.

Rob Citron

Sales Associate

Bike commuter, conversation starter, new Philadelphian. Rob takes pride in his ability to build relationships with clients based on trust and personal service.

Aaron J.

Software Engineer

Natural adventurer, foodie, creative thinker. You can find Aaron deep in thought creating innovative solutions for our mobile app (and making sure we count all our steps.)

Henry Paradiz

Software Engineer

Nerd for Sci-fi, traveling, and PC gaming. A natural problem solver, it’s no surprise that Henry’s always deep in our tech to keep things running smoothly.

Osiris Childs

Customer Success

Devoted athlete, people person, and horror movie fanatic. Osiris is a natural communicator who uses his skills to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Ellen Crouch

Customer Success

Knitter, Dungeon Master, and long-distance cycler. Ellen blends her love of problem solving and social advocacy in a killer combination as a member of our customer success team

Jonathan Howell

Customer Success

Camper, Concert Goer, Tabletop Gamer. Jonathan's easy going attitude make him a great addition to the customer support team.

Nichole Seedes

Customer Success

Urban gardener, animal behavior enthusiast, and hiker. Nichole enjoys applying her patient and empathetic attitude to provide thoughtful solutions to customer issues as part of her role on the customer success team.

Ash Nordquist

Data Processing Specialist

Avid sewer, foodie, and tabletop games enthusiast. Ash applies their attention to detail to efficiently and accurately process confidential information.

Sarah Kleinfeld

Data Processing Specialist

Organizer, reader, and fitness-enthusiast. Sarah combines her empathy with her passion for sweating the details to ensure everyone around her can achieve their goals and write their own stories.

Need to get in touch?

☎️ 1-844-2INCENT (1-844-246-2368)

📠 (Fax) 1-844-246-3068

🙋 support@incentfit.com

💼 sales@incentfit.com


144 North 2nd Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Mailing Address

IncentFit, c/o Gabe Priyev

1732 1st Ave #24400

New York, NY 10128