Empowering employees to live healthier, happier, more active lives

We started IncentFit because we’re really into two things: exercise and building better businesses.

And we know that when companies invest in their employees and in wellness, everyone benefits.

That’s why we created a super customized solution that’s powered by technology and can work anywhere, for anyone.

Now hundreds of companies are relying on IncentFit to keep employees engaged, active, and happy at work.

(That includes us — we use our own app, challenge each other, and earn rewards for running, walking, and hitting the gym. Or Gabe’s favorite exercise, swing dancing!)


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Our Team

Founded in 2013, IncentFit graduated from the Blueprint Health accelerator in New York City, and has since grown to well over 200 corporate clients. We're proudly based at Indy Hall, in the historic Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Gabe Priyev

Founder + CEO

Swing dancer, board-game player, general nerd. Gabe loves a good puzzle to solve, so he spends his working hours focused on strategy and sales/distribution.

Maria Caruso

Operations Manager

Animal-lover, sci-fi nerd, foodie. Maria is a perfectionist, so she spends her time trying to create the best possible experience for our customers.

Connor Boyle

Sales Manager

Musician, runner, and Netflix junkie. Connor is a people person, so he loves chatting and connecting folks with the perfect wellness solutions for their company.

Henry Paradiz

Software Engineer

Nerd for Sci-fi, traveling, and PC gaming. A natural problem solver, it’s no surprise that Henry’s always deep in our tech to keep things running smoothly.

Allie Ilagan

Content Marketing

Writer, daydreamer, marathoner. Allie is a communications pro with an eye for design, so she spends her days doodling and writing stories people want to read.

Nichole Seedes

Customer Success

Amateur art historian, pilates enthusiast and museum goer. Nichole enjoys putting her excellent listening skills to use in her role as part of our customer success team.

Aaron J.

Software Engineer

Natural adventurer. Foodie. Music lover. You can find Aaron deep in thought creating innovative and intuitive solutions for our mobile app and making sure we count all our steps!

Doug Bright

Software Engineer

Pilot, traveler, rec-league journeyman, Doug likes getting things done efficiently, so he's so he's always working to make sure customers get the most bang for their buck.

Rob Citron

Sales Associate

Bike commuter, conversation starter, new Philadelphian. Rob takes pride in his ability to build relationships with clients based on trust and personal service.

Ellen Crouch

Customer Success

Amateur knitter, podcast addict, weekend randonneur. Ellen blends her love of problem solving and social advocacy in a killer combination as a member of our customer success team

Mary Doyle

Customer Success

Our newest teammate's bio is on the way. We're still busy getting settled!


We've learned a thing or two about corporate wellness.

Here's how (and why) our growing startup uses our own app.

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