Reward your employees for

Works for all levels

Incentivize all your employees, not just the super-athletes.


Customize your company’s benefits exactly how you want it. Choose the activities your employees will actually want to do.

Easy to Use

IncentFit works anywhere, and syncs with your phone or fitness tracker.

Guaranteed ROI

You only pay when employees work out, so there’s no wasted investment.

Motivate your employees’ healthy choices, with incentives for exercise, sleep, flu shots, and more.

How it Works

Start Doing

Complete healthy activities like running, walking, swimming, or visiting the gym.

Get Verified

IncentFit confirms that all activities fit the plan requirements. Employees earn credit.

Earn Rewards

We distribute the rewards. Happier employees, with no extra hassle!

“IncentFit has gotten people moving that would not normally be so active. They’ve lost weight, they’re walking a ton of steps a day…it’s so motivating.”
-Goodfellow Bros. Inc

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How Do We Get Accurate Data?

Take a deeper look at IncentFit's technology and seven-part activity tracking system.