Empower Your People To Build Healthier Habits With Rewards

When employees opt for activities that promote their personal growth and well-being, everyone benefits. With Activity Rewards, motivating your people to adopt a healthier lifestyle is simple, exciting, and effective.

Why Offer Activity Rewards?

8 forms of activity tracking and verification, along with full customizability and automated disbursements, allow our platform to reward any and all activity types.

Inclusive & Accessible To All

Drive Real Engagement Results

    Wellness programs that offer incentives see an average of 60% higher engagement. With advanced verification methods, employers can be sure that the activities they're rewarding employees to do are actually being completed.


    From start to finish, every aspect of Activity Rewards is automated, and as a result, hassle-free for admins. Our system will automatically track activities, apply credit and disburse funds to employees.

Customize Your Activity Rewards Plan

Our tech-based platform allows you to fully customize your program.

Activity Types

Choose from hundreds of health & wellness activities you’d like to encourage employees to do more of...

  • Walking, running, biking, swimming, etc.
  • Fitness & wellness facility visits
  • Attending a lunch & learn
  • Completing an HRA or survey
  • Getting an annual physical
  • Completing a personal goal
  • Challenge participation

    ...and everything in between

Reward Types

Choose from a variety of reward types and specific incentives employees can earn.

  • Direct deposit
  • Payroll
  • HSA contributions
  • Gift cards
  • PTO
  • Merch Mall credit
  • and more!


You'll have full control over the duration and frequency of every aspect of your program.

Set the frequency and time periods of when funds will automatically be disbursed to employees.

Happier, healthier employees in just a few clicks!

Start Rewarding Your People For Getting Active & Making Healthy Decisions!

As soon as an employee is registered & logged into their IncentFit account, they’re able to start earning rewards!

They'll be able to see everything they need to know about the plan requirements and what incentives they can earn.

IncentFit Uses 8 Forms of Activity Tracking To Verify Completion

    Geolocation verifies the time and duration of facility visits
    Fitness Trackers like Fitbit or Apple Health
    Document Uploads reviewed by our in-house customer support team
    Activity Files third-party verification (ex. confirmation of a doctor's visit)
    Program Participation completing a personal goal or reading health content in the app
    Self-Reporting gives users the ability to add activity
    Admin Reporting or HR submitted activity

Have full-confidence that your program is generating authentic engagement and employees are taking meaningful steps toward better health.

We'll make sure the rest runs smoothly!

Rewards are automatically disbursed at the timing and frequency of your choosing

We'll automatically notify employees to remind them to log their activity or let them know they've earned credit. We'll also send them a weekly summary of their earnings via email.

Employees can speak with our customer success team directly if they have any questions or need help verifying their activities

“It’s gotten people moving that would not normally be so active. They’ve lost weight, they’re walking a ton of steps a day, it’s so motivating to see.”

- Debbi Phipps, Human Resources Specialist, Goodfellow Bros. Inc.

Reward Employees For Practicing Healthy Habits...

No Manual Administration Required.

We've created countless incentive programs for hundreds of organizations around the world. Our team of experts in corporate wellness and benefit programs that are here to help you design and implement a custom strategy, completely tailored to you and your team's unique needs.

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