Easy to Use, Customizable Pulse Surveys

Gathering, and acting on employee feedback is crucial if you want happy, and engaged teams. We make it easy for administrators to create custom pulse surveys, so that they can get continously gather feedback, and measure sentiment within their teams.

How IncentFit Pulse Surveys Help You

Gain Feedback from Your Team 

Short, frequent pulse surveys are a valuable tool for monitoring trends and identifying problems and opportunities for improvement within your organization. 

Stay informed and proactively address any issues that may arise with the help of pulse surveys.

Easy to Use

Pulse surveys are an efficient way for HR professionals to gather ongoing feedback from employees. 

Our pulse surveys are quick and easy to complete, which increases response rates and ensures that the feedback received is accurate and useful.

Customizable Pulse Surveys

Customizing pulse surveys allows administrators to gather targeted, relevant feedback that is specific to their organization's needs and goals

This can help to ensure that the insights gained from the surveys are actionable and can be used to drive meaningful change within the organization. 

Why You Need to Use Pulse Surveys

A deeper dive into how IncentFit's
Pulse Surveys give your employees a voice...

Use our Survey Templates

Choose from our pre-made, tested and optimized survey templates. These templates give you a quick, structured, and easy-to-use framework to gain thoughtful feedback on topics that matter, like diversity, culture, benefits, and much more!

Learn more about IncentFit Pulse Survey Templates

Customize Your Surveys

You can use our pre-built survey templates as-is, customize them as they see fit, or even build their own survey from scratch. Not only can you customize the questions, and type of questions that you include in your survey, but you can also customize these components:

  • Schedule of your Survey(s): Configure how long you would like for your survey to stay active, and the deadline to complete it. We will automatically close the survey after the deadline.
  • Recurrence: Effortlessly stay on top of employee feedback by setting the recurrence of your surveys to automatically create new ones on a regular basis. We will automatically notify your users when they can take the surveys.
  • Survey Styling: Elevate your pulse surveys to the next level by customizing the styling to better align with your brand guidelines, culture, or personal preferences - from adding progress bars, styling page headers, and much more.
  • Communications: Set your desired emails and in-app notifications to go out on a schedule. All communications are personalized to the user, and the communications are smart so you won’t be asking someone to complete a survey that they have already done.
  • Incentivizing Survey(s): Boost participation in your pulse surveys by offering incentives such as points, dollars, or any one of our other automated fulfillment methods to employees who complete them.
Learn more about how to customize pulse surveys with IncentFit

Choose your Survey Privacy Type

Privacy is very important. If your employees don’t believe their results will be kept confidential, they are unlikely to be completely honest. We guarantee privacy for your employees, it’s even in our terms of service. Choose from any of these 4 privacy types:

  • Private: The highest level of privacy for your pulse surveys, ensuring that no information is shared and only the user can see their own responses. Great for use-cases where the administrator doesn’t want to see any responses.

  • Aggregated: Maintain employee anonymity while still gaining valuable insights by choosing to share only aggregated data from your pulse surveys, combining answers from across the organization without revealing individual responses.
  • Anonymous: Gain a deeper understanding of employee sentiment by choosing to share individual data from your pulse surveys, while still preserving anonymity by withholding identifying information. This allows you to see how a single person responds, without knowing exactly who they are.
  • Shared: Maximize your pulse survey insights by choosing to share both aggregated and individual data with admins. This allows them to see both how the organization as a whole is responding and get a deeper understanding of individual employee experiences, including identifying information. Great for surveys that are not capturing sensitive information.
Learn more about how IncentFit help you customize your survey privacy

Ability to Segment Your Surveys

Maximize the impact of your pulse surveys by selectively inviting specific individuals, individuals in a specific team (or location), or your entire user population to participate, ensuring that you're getting feedback from the right people.

Learn more about how IncentFit helps you segment pulse surveys

HIPAA Compliant Reporting

Ensure the confidentiality of your employee data with HIPAA Compliant, Aggregated reporting. This allows HR administrators to get a comprehensive view of employee sentiment without revealing individual responses, ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

Learn more about HIPAA Compliant Reporting with IncentFit

Hands off Administration and Communications

Streamline your pulse survey process with our built-in communication tools, including in-app notifications, emails, and reminders to ensure that employees are informed and motivated to complete their surveys. This helps HR administrators stay on top of the feedback process and get the insights they need.

Learn more about how IncentFit handles administration and communication for you

Easy to Use on Mobile App & Desktop

Make it easy for employees to provide feedback with our flexible pulse surveys functionality, available on both the IncentFit mobile app and web app. This allows HR administrators to reach a wider audience and gather more insights, helping them stay in tune with employee sentiment and needs.

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