Create an Engaged, Purpose-Led Organization through the Power of Recognition

Employee recogntion helps you show your people that you value, and recognize them. Not only does employee recognition improve employee morale and workplace culture, but it also helps improve business performance through higher engagement at work

Employee Recognition Enables You to...

Recognize Good Performance 

Design, and implement performance-based rewards and recognition programs so that you can engage, and motivate your group to achieve targeted goals.

Celebration Milestones & Awards

Use IncentFit to develop meaningful award and recognition programs that show employees that their contributions are valued, and celebrated

Recognize Well-being Ambassadors

Build your culture of wellness by recognizing team members that promote wellness, and help others in their journey as well!   

How Employee Recognition Will Help Your Organization

Why Employee Recognition Is Important

Improve Financial Performance

Companies that are good at recognizing employees are three times more profitable than those that are bad at it (Source)

Reduce Turnover

Organizations with formal recognition have 31% less voluntary turnover than organizations that don’t have any program at all. Organizations with employee recognition programs are also 12x more likely to have strong business outcomes. (Source)

Give Your People What They Want

A recent study found that 41% of employees want more recognition from their colleagues, and managers. Your people want to have a culture of recognition! (Source)

A deeper dive into how IncentFit's
Employee Recognition capability fosters an engaged team...

Design Your Recognition Program

You can design your recognition program to allow team members to recognize anything, big or small. Examples include:

  • Kudos from a coworker
  • Successful project completion
  • A company anniversary
  • A promotion
  • A birthday
Learn more about our designing your recognition program with IncentFit

Design Your Incentive Program

Boost engagement rates by incorporating incentives into your recognition program. You are able to get as granular as you would like, deciding which recognition activities are incentivized, how, and when incentives are paid out as well.

Learn more about how to use incentives in your recognition program

Real-Time Reporting

Administrators are able to see HIPAA compliant real-time reports on their recognition program. As an Admin, you are able to see how, and when your employees are recognized, along with incentive payouts, on an aggregated basis. This helps you optimize your recognition program, to see higher engagement rates.

Learn more about real-time reporting

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