Customizable Challenges & Rewards That Yield Real Engagement Results

The most cost-effective solution for employers looking to produce real engagement results through meaningful activity that gets employees moving!

With friendly competitions and highly-motivating incentives, Engage drives industry-leading monthly participation levels averaging over 58%. Engage puts every dollar to work to increase engagement and build happier, healthier, more cohesive teams. 

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What benefits do employers
see with Engage?

Win & Retain
 Top Talent

Today’s workforce understands the importance and reward of personal well-being. Stand out in today's competitive job market and show employees you support their wellness journey by rewarding them for adopting healthy habits.


Interactive and engaging wellness challenges make it easy to build stronger, more collaborative relationships among coworkers. Seamlessly cultivate cohesive, high-functioning teams with completely customizable, friendly competitions. 


With Engage, employees complete verified actions to form real healthy habits month over month. Exciting competitions and rewards drive industry-leading average monthly participation levels of 58%.

Seamless Administration

From automated communications, payouts and reporting to a robust library of pre-built challenges; Engage requires zero manual administration. Reap all the benefits of improving your team's health with none of the time-consuming hassle.

A deeper dive into how Engage promotes
happier, healthier & more collaborative teams...


Reward Engagement through your own Custom-Built Incentive Strategy

With Engage, employers can incentivize their people to complete various wellness activities. Our high-tech activity tracking system verifies real employee activities seamlessly.

Our incentive management system gives employers complete customizability over how rewards are distributed. Admins can customize the activities employees are incentivized to complete as well as, how and when they're paid out.

Choose from many reward types including:

    Direct deposit
    HSA contributions
     Gift cards
     Payroll contributions
     Your own custom combination!

Explore more of what IncentFit Rewards has to offer


Build Stronger Teams with Customizable Wellness Challenges

Let us administer challenges for you or choose from dozens of pre-built, customizable challenge tracks that align with your team's unique goals. Employee participation is made easy by syncing with health tracking apps to verify activity completion. Team leaderboards & incentives help boost motivation & increase engagement.

To ensure that challenges are equitable and inclusive, our SmartEngage System uses A.I. to group employees into teams based on their personal fitness levels. 

Further customize challenges by choosing:

     Challenge milestones & duration
    Team groupings & segmentation
    Real-time leaderboard updates & notifications
     Rewards & prizes

Learn more about how to build camaraderie with challenges


Empower Employees To Adopt Healthier Lifestyles with Personalized Goals

Set your people up for success by providing them with the tools & resources they need to build healthy habits. With personalized wellness goals, you can give your employees an individualized system of motivation, accountability & healthy habit-forming.

Employees can set the activity type, duration and intensity level for each goal; then periodically receive friendly reminders & progress updates. Achieve high engagement & keep employees accountable to the goals they set with:

 Personalized motivational push notifications

Real-time progress updates & reminders

 Incentives to complete goals

Learn more about how Goals help form lasting healthy habits


Annual Health Risk Assessments

Keep a steady pulse on employee health and how it evolves over time with in-app health risk assessments.

Engage's pre-built HRAs...

Easily collect and analyze population health data across all dimensions of well-being to proactively support each employee's personal wellness journey.

Provide employees with a clear understanding of their personal health and empower them to make the right decisions in all areas of well-being

...making Engage a powerful end-to-end wellness program.

Learn more about what's possible with pre-built HRAs


Automate Population Reporting

Engage offers full automation for reporting across any aspect of your wellness program. Easily populate reports and analyze health data to determine the most effective ways you can support employees' overall well-being.

Use reporting to gain valuable insight into:

Program participation rates

How employees are using the program

Population Health Improvement

Financial utilization & program spending

Learn more about IncentFit's automated reporting capabilities


Core Capabilities

Engage by IncentFit offers equitable benefits to both organizations & it's employees
with automation, customization & a user-friendly platform.

INtegrate with over 60 trusted services & platforms

How To Get Started

Your implementation period will depend on your organization's size and the complexity of program customizations. Most clients are able to get set up and start using Engage within 30-90 days.

Choose Customizations & Add-Ons

    Let us know if there are any add-ons or customizations you’d like.

 Set Up Users

    Send us an eligibility file or set up an automatic file feed.

We'll Do The Rest

    We’ll automatically distribute any payments & rewards earned by employees. Happier, healthier employees with no hassle!

Frequently Asked Questions

Employees choose whichever wellness activities that are most relevant to their needs (e.g. fitness, mental wellness, nutrition, sleep, and more!). Then in the app, users can set daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

Users can sync their IncentFit accounts with:

  • Health tracking apps like Apple Health, Samsung Health, Strava, etc.
  • Wearbale devices like FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin, etc.

We have over 900 health education topics and the best part is that each employee picks the topics that are most relevant to them! We take it from there by sending them information about those topics.

Employees can spend their rewards in our Merchandise Mall. This Mall has over 20,000 items to choose from, including hundreds of gift card options.

Yes, plenty! Engage is designed to be completely customizable to best fit the unique goals and needs of your team. Our team will work with you throughout the implementation process and can make any changes throughout the program as requested. Customizations include things like

  • Choosing the type of activities, duration and structure of challenges.
  • Choosing the type of rewards you'd like to offer employees. Our platform can offer everything from financial rewards to PTO. We even have a merch mall for employees to choose their rewards
  • ADD-ONS: We offer 6 powerful Point Solutions to amplify any of our complete solutions or to purchase individually.

Our hands-on, highly-trained, in-house customer success team is availabble to answer both admin and user questions via email and phone, MON-FRI 8AM-8PM

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