Powerful HIPAA Compliant Reporting on All Aspects of your Wellness Program

One of the biggest challenges is understanding the value that your wellness program brings to the table. IncentFit makes that easier by giving administrators the ability to request on-demand detailed, customizable, and program-specific reports. Our reports help leaders track, and visualize the impact of their wellness program.

What the IncentFit Reporting Suite Includes

HIPAA Compliant Reporting

IncentFit ensures that its reporting suite is HIPAA compliant so we protect the privacy and security of your users’ personal health information

All reporting is aggregated, and anonymized in order to protect each individual's privacy.

Real-Time Reporting Suite

Our reports are always available and accurate up to the minute, so that you can quickly assess the performance of your wellness program and make timely decisions

Cover all of the Aspects of Your Wellness Program 

Our reporting suite allows you to assess all aspects of your wellness program, not just the things that look good.

This also helps you avoid selective reporting, which leads to misinformed decisions.

How Real-Time Reporting Helps You Run a Successful Wellness Program

A deeper dive into how IncentFit's Reporting Works...

Choose the Reports You Would Like to See

Our reporting suite gives you the ability to view any kind of reporting that will be helpful for you to gauge your wellness program performance.

Depending on the products that you utilize, it will automatically adjust to show you only what is relevant.

Learn more about how to set up IncentFit reporting

Filter Your Reports

Administrators have the ability to filter reports in their admin portal by time period, user groups, divisions, departments, currency, health insurance types, or pretty much anything else.

There are countless options available to help you customize reports to your needs.

Learn more about how to filter reporting on IncentFit

Easily Export Reports

Our reporting suite allows you to easily export reports in any file format that is helpful for your further processing.

We can give you exact images of your reports so that you can embed them in internal documents, or slideshows. Or you can download spreadsheets so that you can further analyze to your heart’s content.

Learn more about how to export IncentFit reporting

Custom Reports

Are we missing a report that you’d like us to have? Or do you need a custom report emailed or placed on your SFTP server on a regular basis?

We can do that too! Just tell us what you need and we’ll set it up for you for a minimal one-time setup fee.

Learn more about custom reporting with IncentFit

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