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IncentFit offers a variety of tech-based solutions ranging from comprehensive wellness that provide organizations with an effective end-to-end program to powerful point solutions designed to facilitate a more targeted program.

    "IncentFit really understands what motivates people with a platform that truly does incentify our team to develop healthy habits. Plus they’ve made working out fun for the whole company! Also, very responsive support."

Everett R.

    Chief Operations Officer
    Human Resources
    "We like that it is easy to use especially with the new features recently added - they basically do all the work for us we just have to make sure all of our employees are kept current."

Pam Winkler

    VP of Human Capital
    The McShane Companies
    "Simple, fun, and engaging workplace wellness tool that gets people moving! IncentFit is easy and fun to use. The pop-up messages that users get after completing workouts are fun to get & reinforce positive behaviors."

Jennifer Werneke

    VP of Human Capital
    The McShane Companies

Comprehensive Wellness Solutions


Boost Camaraderie with Quarterly Step Challenges

    Encourage employees to work together and motivate each other with quarterly step challenges. Motivate with real-time leaderboards, chat and prizes!

Empower Employees To Build Healthy Habits by Setting & Tracking Personalized Goals

    Personal goals allow employees to choose activity types, intensity levels and frequencies that align with their individual wellness journey. Encourage participation and goal completion with incentives!

Motivate Program Participation with 3 Incentive options

    Create excitement and motivation around your program by offering employees rewards for completing healthy activities.

Improve Population Health with In-app Educational Health Content

    Give employees all the tools and resources they need to improve their own health with a targeted and customizable health content library & newsletter. Provide employees with expert advice sourced from health professionals to ensure proper guidance.


Produce Meaningful Engagement With Verified Activities

    IncentFit uses 8 forms of activity tracking and verification to make sure employees are completing real activities. Ensure real results and healthier employees with Engage.

Help Employees Hold Themselves Accountable With Personal Goal-setting

    Personal goals allow employees to choose activity types, intensity levels and frequencies that align with their individual wellness journey. Encourage participation and goal completion with incentives!

Strengthen Camaraderie & Boost Morale with Customizable Challenges

    Engage employees in a meaningful way with challenges that promote team work and making healthier choices. Our SmartEngage technology and advanced automation makes competitions easy for admins and engaging for all!

Motivate Participation
With A Customized Incentive Strategy

    Rewards incentivize participation & keep employees consistently motivated throughout your program. Auto-reward employees for healthy activities or customize to increase participation.


Effortlessly Improve Population Health To Lower Healthcare Spend

    As population health improves, insurance premiums are lowered.

    By providing personalized and proactive guidance for each individual employee, CompleteHealth generates fruitful return for organizations of any size.

Seamlessly & Securely Measure Program Success with Automated Reporting

    Easily & securely collect important health information from all employees with Health Risk Assessments. Directly measure program success and watch overall health improve over time with automated aggregate reporting.

Provide Individualized Guidance With Smart Recommendations

    Our advanced recommendation engine uses health data collected from integrated apps & devices, activity history, HRAs and biometrics.

    Personalized recommendations are sent to each employee to strategically guide them toward better health.

Motivate Participation with Highly Engaging Challenges & Incentives

    Choose from a robust library of engaging team challenges to increase excitement around your program.

    Choose from dozens of incentive options to motivate participation even further.

Our Comprehensive Wellness Solutions Are Equipped To Support Companies Of All Shapes, Sizes & Budgets

Not sure what exact goals you should have or which solution is right for your organization?

Looking for a more specific wellness program?
Explore our Point Solutions

Individual Point Solutions can serve as stand-alone wellness benefits or added on to any of our Comprehensive Wellness Solutions.


    Incentivize employees to complete relevant health activities. The modernized, cost-effective alternative to reimbursements.


    Boost camaraderie, strengthen morale and incentivize healthy habits for your team with pre-built or completely customized challenges.


    Encourage employees to invest in their personal health, well-being and development by offering to cover the cost.

Pulse Surveys

    Gauge employee experience & better manage company culture with automated pulse surveys.


    Collect physician forms and biometric data feeds to get valuable insight into your team’s overall health. Enable employees to better understand & track their personal health over time.

Annual Physical Tracking

    Ensure compliance with all OSHA mandates & internal policies for all employees with automated tracking & verification.

Vaccine Compliance Tracking

    Gain more of your team's trust by ensuring a safe & healthy work environment with seamless tracking & verification for mandated vaccination requirements.

Any of our products can be customized and combined to fit your team’s unique needs and goals.

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