Boost Camaraderie With Fun & Engaging Team Challenges

Encourage employees to get up, active and working as a team with completely customizable challenges! Whether your team is fully remote or spread out over multiple cities, challenges help employees interact and connect with one another to build more cohesive, high-functioning teams.

Go Head-To-Head...

Counting Steps

    See how many days you and your coworkers can take the stairs.

Getting Better Rest

    Learn to get some better sleep, or set that early alarm for the gym.

Drinking More Water

    Go for a healthy nutrition overhaul, or challenge yourself to drink water over coffee.

With IncentFit's Wellness Challenges, the possibilities are as endless as they are flexible.

We've made it easy to support your employees' health and well-being while having fun as a team.

Choose from dozens of engaging competitions created by health experts, or build your own custom challenge based on your goals.

“Building a culture of wellness in the workplace takes time. Wellness challenges at work provide a fun, motivating spin on health promotion.”

- U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Why IncentFit Challenges Are Unique

Based On Your Goals

Choose from dozens of challenge templates designed by health coaches, or create your own.

Works For All Levels

Incentivize all your employees, not just the super-athletes.

Boosts Engagement

Driven by behavioral science, you'll keep employees excited month after month, year after year.

Easy Administration

Set-up takes minutes, not days. No annual contracts required.

Built for Team Building

Compete together, make healthy choices, and start having fun! Yep, it’s that simple. 


Modify any component of your wellness challenge to better suit your needs.

Recurring Participation

IncentFit Challenges are an employee favorite for a reason...

  • Easily reward hundreds of activities
  • Boost engagement with friendly competition
  • Send motivating reminders along the way
employee engagement team building

Fun Team Building

Have fun within your own department or compete with colleagues on the other side of the world.

  • Works for small or large groups
  • No geographic constraints
  • Easy for all levels to participate

Goodbye Admin Hassles

Finally, a challenge program without paperwork!

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