Nutrition Challenge Templates

Make wellness a team effort with competitions for steps and walking

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Options for Every Office

Ready to motivate your team? Our challenge library has dozens of choices. All created by wellness coaches and filled with helpful tips, emails, and built-in notifications. So you can pick your challenge and go.

Scroll down to see examples from our extensive collection of step challenges.

Individual Challenges 

 In these challenges, your employees compete against themselves to see how well they can stick to good habits and hit their goals. 

Example template: One Step at a Time Challenge 

Participants work their way up to a goal of 10,000 steps per day. We’ll start off at 5,000 steps, and eventually hit 10,000 by the fourth week. 

Partner Challenges 

We know it’s tough to maintain a regular routine, and sometimes even harder to get started. With partner-based challenges, employees team up with a buddy to make exercise and walking a daily habit.  

Example template: Partners in Fitness

Working out is better together! This challenge uses positive peer pressure to maximally engage participants. Teams of two will compete to walk the most steps in 30 days!

Goal-Based Challenges as a Team

Working together as a team, your employees will get active and build relationships. In these challenges, groups work collectively to reach one larger goal...together!  

Example template: Step to It Together

In this challenge everyone will work together as a team to reach the goal of 10,000 steps per day!

Team Competition Step Challenges 

Sometimes, the best motivator is competition. In these challenge types, employees split into teams for a friendly competition. Who can walk or run the most steps? Who can reach the distance? You'll find out! 

Example template: Better Together 

Get those steps in! Teams will compete to average the most steps in a month. At the end, the team with the highest daily average will win! 

One-on-One Step Challenges 

Go head to head against colleagues and motivate each other through friendly competition. Employees challenge both themselves and each other in this style of step challenge.

Example template: Workweek Winners

A 4-week steps challenge that only counts the steps you make during the workweek.

“Fun, competitive and motivating! IncentFit has allowed our 450 employees to team up and compete to become more active.”

—Taylor C., Wellness Associate, Alliant Group

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