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The seven methods behind IncentFit activity tracking

IncentFit's technology makes it easy and accurate for your employees to track exercise and wellness activities.

What's our most popular way to track activity? The fitness apps and devices that your employees already love!

Our proprietary technology syncs data directly with top fitness brands like Samsung, Fitbit, or Apple Health to effortlessly track exercise and wellness data. That means your employees benefit from faster and more accurate syncing of their activities.


When your employees check in at a gym, we can pinpoint where they are and how long they stayed in order to earn credit.

Our sophisticated geolocation system identifies your real-world location using the IncentFit app or a connected app or device.

QR Codes

Want employees to check in at a designated fitness facility (like an on-campus gym) or at a special wellness event?

Simply scan your custom QR code using the IncentFit app and we can instantly track attendance that way.

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“IncentFit really understands what motivates people, and have designed a platform that truly does inspire our team to develop healthy habits.”

-Everett R., Chief Operations Officer, JaneHires

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