Wellness for All Levels

IncentFit provides accessible wellness benefits that help empower your employees to live healthier, happier, more active lives.

Motivate your entire workforce, not just the super-athletes.

We know that employees work best when they're happy and healthy. But wellness means different things to different people...and that's great!

We've created a flexible wellness program that helps motivate casual walkers and crossfit enthusiasts alike.

Hundreds of Options

Choose a range of activities based on what your employees actually like to do—whether they’re regular fitness buffs or just starting out.

Make it Personal

Customize your benefits by giving employees multiple ways to earn rewards, at their own pace.

Total Wellness

Take a whole-body approach to wellness by offering incentives for other health-related activities too, from flu shots to financial wellness training.

“It’s gotten people moving that would not normally be so active. They’ve lost weight, they’re walking a ton of steps a day, it’s so motivating to see.”

-Debbi Phipps, Human Resources Specialist, Goodfellow Bros. Inc.

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