Activity Tracking

Easy to use, powerful behind the scenes

IncentFit's technology can track and verify activities in seven different ways

Easy, Flexible, Accurate. Here's how we do it:


Our system identifies your real-world location using the IncentFit app or a connected app or device. When your employees check in at a gym, we can pinpoint where they are and how long they stayed.

Apps and Devices

We gather exercise data from the most popular fitness tracking apps and devices, like Fitbit, Samsung Health, and Apple Health.

QR Code

If you want employees to check in at a designated fitness facility (like an on-campus gym) or an event, they can scan a QR code upon arrival and we’ll track attendance.

Manual Upload

Employees can upload eligible gym attendance logs, purchase receipts, membership contracts, and other documents. (And a real human will review them!)

Admin Reporting

Plan administrators can report employees’ activities or qualifying information to us.

Self Reporting

If you choose, your plan can also allow employees to record their own activities via the IncentFit app. (It’s on the honor system, but our review team will also take a look!)

API Integration

We build our own custom tools to tell our software how to interact with other software, or to reward credit based on your plan’s unique specifications.

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Learn more about how the technology works, including: • Types of activities you can reward • What happens when your employees check in at their favorite gyms • What to do for employees without smartphones • Most popular fitness tracking apps. Download our guide below!