Sync your Wellness Program with any any app, device, or service

Streamline your administration through seamless integrations! We can connect to any app, device, or service, so that you can run an easy wellness program.

What Kind of Integrations We Offer

Connect with any HR Software in the Market

We can connect with any HR software in order to set up an eligibility file feed. Depending on your specific wellness program we also send data to payroll software, to lessen your admin work.

Connect with any Fitness or Wellness App and Device 

IncentFit makes your wellness program truly inclusive by letting your users sync any app or device that they use to track their fitness and wellness.

Connect with your Existing Ecosystem of Apps, Devices and Services 

We are able to receive data from any best-in-class solutions that you may use for specific use-cases. This way your wellness program is armed with relevant, and useful data.

How Our Integrations Help You

A deeper dive into how IncentFit's
Integrations enhance your wellness program experience...

Activity Sync

IncentFit connects with all of the major health and fitness apps and devices that your employees are using. On top of that, we are also able to connect with all of the major managed health care, and insurance companies, if your employees report activities on those platforms as well.

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Data Sync to Best in Class Solutions

We can connect to any specialized health and wellness software that you use to track specific health conditions, or data points. If you are using our CompleteHealth solution, we’ll be able to use this added data, to generate more intelligent Health Recommendations for your employees. Some examples include:

  • Ex., Using Livongo for diabetes management, prevention, weight management & blood pressure management
  • Ex., Connecting with Labcorp, so we can get your employee biometric data directly, without any added work for you

Learn more about how Data Sync works

Eligibility Sync

Our platform can seamlessly connect with any HR software on the market, whether through an SFTP file feed or a direct data connection. This way your wellness program is always up-to-date with your latest employee roster. Our eligibility sync function allows us to automatically add employees to your wellness program, as well as automatically remove employees who are no longer a part of your team.

We validate all data before it gets imported and we will notify your team if we are not able to resolve any issues with the data feed.

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Biometric Data Sync

IncentFit is able to receive biometric data directly from leading laboratories and healthcare providers, which is a big advantage for administrators. This direct connection allows for more accurate and up-to-date health data, which can be used to focus on strategic initiatives such as improving population health.

In addition, this data can be used to generate personalized health recommendations for your employees, helping to support their overall well-being and improve their quality of life.

Learn more about how biometric data sync works

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