IncentFit Goals

Aspire to...

Healthy habit forming, motivation, and accountability, all in one easy system.

We know that making sustainable change is hard.

IncentFit Goals turns your "be healthy" plans into action.

Your employees set their own targets, at a difficulty level that works for their lifestyles. We'll be there every step of the way.

How it Works

Employees choose their own goals, and set the difficulty from casual to challenging.

IncentFit keeps everyone on track and motivated.

Final destination: Healthier, happier employees. Look at you, goal getter!

Goals Library 

Browse a collection of goals designed to improve health outcomes. Just choose what you'd like to do, and you're on your way!

The best platform for your team's personal wellness:

Custom goal setting: The best goals are specific, measureable, and realistic. Employees can choose a difficulty level that’s attainable but challenging, and we’ll help hold them to it.

Works remotely and for all skill levels: Goals are personalized to each employee, so you can run a program that fits everyone, everywhere.

Boosts engagement: By building recurring habits, you'll help your employees stay active month after month, year after year.

Easy administration: Implementation is a breeze, so you can set it and forget it. No annual contracts required, and no extra work for HR.

“IncentFit really understands what motivates people, and have designed a platform that truly does inspire our team to develop healthy habits”

-Director of HR, IncentFit Client

Integrates with Incentive Programs

Keep up the good work with incentives, proven to boost your program engagement month after month.

Easily reward your employees for completing healthy habits or hitting their goals, using IncentFit Activity Rewards.