Communications that help you Run an Engaging Wellness Program without any Manual Work

Your communication strategy plays a crucial role in spreading the word about your awesome wellness program, and generating the engagement that you deserve! Don't fret, at IncentFit we take care of that for you. Our system gives you the communication tools that you need in order educate employees on your wellness offerings.

What Is The Purpose of Communications

Make Onboarding Easy with IncentFit Communications

We have pre-built marketing materials, and communications for our clients, after setting up thousands of successful wellness program onboardings

Maintain Excitement After Launching Your Wellness Program

After a successful onboarding, you need to keep your people excited about your wellness program. Our communications tools give you everything that you need inorder to increase participation, and engagement in your wellness program.

Re-engage your People through On-Going Communications 

Our app is designed to gamify your wellness program so that your people stay excited. We have built an automatic email and push notification mechanism to use that gamification to re-excite and re-engage your people for your wellness program.

How our Communications Tools Help You Run a Successful Wellness Program

A deeper dive into how IncentFit's
Communications set your wellness program up for success...

Automated Email and In-App Communications to Motivate & Engage

IncentFit automatically engages employees through email and mobile app notifications. All wellness challenges, events, activity rewards, incentives earned, goals, etc… send timely, personalized, automatic notifications to the user. Users can opt out of all or just some of these communications, but most don’t because they’re useful!

Your communication suite is easily accessible through the admin portal.

Learn more about how IncentFit improves wellness program engagement

Custom SMS & In-App Notifications

Want to go above and beyond and send your own messages? Send broadcast SMS or in-app mobile notifications to your employees whenever you like. You can even schedule sends for the future!

Learn more about how IncentFit SMS & In-App Notifications work

Download and Share Personalized Marketing Collateral

IncentFit automatically adds your logo, company name, and wellness program details to our pre-built marketing collateral. You can simply download and share the collateral on your intranet or hang it up at your workplace!

Learn more about how IncentFit Personalized Marketing Collateral works

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