Customizable Wellness Challenges that Promote a Healthy Culture & Team Camaraderie

IncentFit's expansive offerings of fun and friendly competitions are designed to drive healthy behaviors and supercharge employee engagement across your entire organization. Our customizable platform makes it easy to run Wellness Challenges for all fitness levels, track employee progress, and reward them with compelling incentives.

What are the Benefits of Wellness Challenges?

Camaraderie through Competition

Wellness challenges are structured competitions designed to encourage your employees to compete on a set of activities like:

  • Taking steps
  • Going on bike rides
  • And/or meditating

Our competitions provide everyone with a leaderboard that updates as users complete activities.

Track Progress & Rewards Winners

Wellness challenges can take many forms, such as a step counting competition, healthy eating challenge, or even a sleep wellness challenge.

Your employees track their progress and you can award prizes to winners.

Promote a Culture of Wellness

Show your employees that you care about their wellness by running fun, engaging wellness challenges.

This helps promote a culture of wellness, improves employee morale, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

Advanced Features

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A deeper dive into how IncentFit's
Customizable Wellness Challenges work...

Create Your Challenge

You can take these easy steps to set up and customize your Wellness Challenge within minutes

    Pick from our large template library of challenges that span all the pillars of wellness.
    Pick from team challenges or make it a free-for-all.
     Customize the design, communications, competition structure, and a dozen other components.
     Select who will be invited to participate, and when the challenge will start and end.

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Promote your challenge

We will handle sending out invitations and reminding people to join. But it never hurts to get a bit more enthusiasm in the workplace, so we advise that you use our pre-created marketing materials or create your own to promote the challenge on your intranet, wiki, Slack, water cooler bulletin board, or wherever else your team hangs out.

Learn more about our Marketing Materials

Sit Back & Enjoy

Our system handles all the data collection and constantly updates the leaderboard for you. Users can see how they rank any time via our website or mobile app. Just sit back and relax!

Or, better yet, put your game face on and show ‘em how it’s done by participating in the challenge yourself!

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