HIPAA Compliant Health Screenings, and Assessments that provide you with Data to Inform Your Strategic Population Health Initiatives

Screenings and assessments are one of the first steps towards creating a healthier workplace. They help you raise awareness of health issues, identify problems, and promote a healthier lifestyle for all staff.

What's Included in IncentFit Health Screenings & Assessments

Health Screenings and Assessments

These are tools used to evaluate the health and well-being of individuals. 

They can include physical exams, blood tests, or questionnaires, and are often used to identify potential health issues or assess the effectiveness of treatment.

Inform Your Strategic Population Health Initiatives 

Health screenings and assessments provide valuable data about the health status of a population, which can inform strategic population health initiatives. 

By identifying trends and patterns in health outcomes and behaviors, organizations can use this information to target resources and interventions to areas of need, and to track the impact of their efforts over time. 

HIPAA Compliant 

Ensuring that your employees’ personal health data is kept private in a HIPAA-compliant system. 

Following HIPAA compliant practices also helps to create a sense of trust and safety with your employees. 

How Health Screenings and Assessments Help You

Visibility into Population Health

Health screenings and assessments track the prevalence of health conditions, risk factors, and risky behaviors within a population. By analyzing this data, organizations can identify trends and patterns in health outcomes and behaviors, and use this information to target resources and interventions to areas of need.

This can help organizations to better understand the health needs of their employees, and to develop strategies for addressing those needs. Employers can make use of solutions such as CompleteHealth to guide these strategic population health initiatives.

Help Employees Proactively Identify Health Issues

Guide your employees through identifying their health risks by having them take periodic health assessments.

This information makes it easy to identify potential health issues and react to them before they get out of control.

Personalized Health Recommendations

IncentFit’s health recommendations system uses information from health screenings and assessments in order to create personalized health recommendations to improve your employees’ health and wellbeing. Our system may provide recommendations for lifestyle changes or interventions that can help manage or prevent any potential health conditions.

By providing personalized recommendations, you are helping individuals take a proactive approach to their health and wellness, and to make informed decisions about how to support their health and well-being.

Gauge Your Employees Thoughts on Key Health Topics

Use health screenings and assessments to ask employees about their attitudes towards preventive healthcare, their level of physical activity, their dietary habits, or any key wellness topic.

By gathering this information, organizations can get a better understanding of their employees' health-related beliefs and behaviors, and use this information to inform their wellness initiatives.

Improve Organizational Reputation

Implementing health screenings and assessments demonstrates an organization's commitment to the health and well-being of its employees, which will be viewed positively by both employees and external stakeholders.

This improves the organization's reputation and makes it more attractive to potential employees or partners. By taking a proactive approach to promoting employee health and well-being, organizations can differentiate themselves in the marketplace and strengthen their brand.

Reduce Health Care Costs

By identifying and addressing health issues early on, organizations can potentially reduce the need for more expensive medical interventions later on.

This can help to control healthcare costs and improve the financial health of the organization.

Improve Employee Retention

AProviding employees with the resources and support they need to maintain their health and well-being may make them more likely to stay with an organization.

This can help to reduce turnover and the associated costs and disruption.

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Personalized Health Newsletters form healthy habits...

Customize your Screenings and Assessments

Administrators can use our pre-built templates as-is, customize them as they see best fit, or even build their own health screenings or assessments from scratch. Not only can you customize the questions, and type of questions that you include in your screenings and assessments, but you can also customize these components:.

  • Schedule of your Screenings and Assessments: Configure how long you would like for your screenings and assessments to stay active, and the deadline to submit them. We will automatically close the screenings and assessments after their deadline.
  • Recurrence: Effortlessly track how things change over time by setting the recurrence of your screenings and assessments to automatically create new ones on a regular basis. We will automatically notify your users when they can participate.
  • Communications: Set your desired emails and in-app notifications to go out on a schedule. All communications are personalized to the user, and the communications are smart so you won’t be asking someone to complete an assessment that they have already done.
  • Incentivizing Screenings and Assessments: Boost participation in your screenings and assessments by offering incentives such as points, dollars, or any one of our other automated fulfillment methods to employees who complete them.
Learn more about our customizing your screenings and assessments

Employees Receive their Results

Your employees will receive the results of their health screenings and assessments, so that they can take steps to maintain or improve their health. These results will help employees identify potential health concerns early on, which allows for earlier intervention and better health outcomes.

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Smart Health Recommendations

Data from health screenings and assessments helps us personalize health recommendations for your employees. This improves health outcomes for your employees and makes your wellness program more engaging by personalizing the experience for every employee.

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HIPAA Compliant Reporting

Ensure the confidentiality of your employee data with HIPAA Compliant, Aggregated Reporting. This allows HR administrators to get a comprehensive view of employee health information without revealing individual responses, ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

Learn more about how IncentFit HIPAA compliant reporting works

Hands off Administration and Communications

Streamline your screenings and assessments process with our built-in communication tools, including in-app notifications, emails, and reminders to ensure that employees are informed and motivated to complete their screenings and assessments. This helps HR administrators stay on top of the administrative process and get the insights they need.

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