Personalized Health Newsletters to Make Health Literacy Accessible for All

Keep employees engaged and on track to meeting their health goals with individualized bi-weekly health newsletters. Our system automatically compiles educational health resources published by today's top health experts and delivers them straight to employee's inbox. 

What Personalized Health Newsletters Entail

Content is Always Up-To-Date

Our health newsletters use our robust health content library to source the latest content on over 900 health-related topics.

This means your newsletter always has the latest content, featuring breakthrough medical studies, the newest guidelines, and up-to-date health information.

Personalized Newsletters for Every Employee

We help you set up an engaging and useful health newsletter for every employee, by letting them choose the health topics they are interested in through their user portal, and the types of content they would like to see.

No two employees get the same newsletter. Tailoring newsletters to the specific needs and interests of each employee makes newsletters useful and engaging for each individual.

Automated, Consistent Distribution of Content

Employers who use our health newsletters are able to consistently provide their employees with the latest health content, with absolutely no administration involved.

Knowledgeable, healthier employees in just a few clicks!

How Personalized Health Newsletters Help Your Organization

A deeper dive into how IncentFit's
Personalized Health Newsletters work...

Accessible, Multimedia Format

Our health content library includes articles, classes, videos, quizzes, tools, and news on any health topic.

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Reliable Information

All of our content complies with the HONcode certification, to ensure that we share trustworthy and accurate information. We also list our sources, so everything can be verified

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Customizable & Automated

Employees pick the topics they care about and the frequency they want to receive their newsletter. IncentFit will then automatically provide your employees with the latest articles, classes, videos, quizzes and news for their chosen health topics on the schedule they choose.

Our personalized health newsletters are available through the Launch & CompleteHealth solutions

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