Collect, Process & Analyze Biometrics Data for Your Organization in Real Time

Biometrics data can help identify potential health risks and allow individuals to take proactive steps to improve their health. Explore how IncentFit makes it easy to gather and analyze biometrics data to create personalized health recommendations for each employee. 

Explore the Benefit of Biometrics

and how they can be used to improve health outcomes.

Biometrics Data at a Glance 

Biometrics data is the measurement of physical characteristics such as height, weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

These measurements can help identify potential health risks and allow individuals to take steps to improve their health.

Collect, Process and Analyze Biometrics Data 

There are a couple of steps involved in making biometrics data useful to administrators:

  • Collecting biometrics data from biometric screenings, physician appointments, and apps/devices like smart scales and blood pressure cuffs
  • Organizing and filtering data so that it can be easily understood and analyzed
  • Creating easy-to-understand reports so administrators can see the patterns and act on them

Update Biometrics Data in Real Time 

It's important to constantly refresh biometrics data because it can change over time.

Updating it in real time can help identify potential health risks and allow individuals to take steps to improve their health.

How IncentFit Uses Biometrics Data

to help employees achieve Better Health Outcomes

A deeper dive into how
Biometrics works...

Multiple Ways of Processing Biometrics Data

Providing your employees with multiple ways to provide their biometrics data can increase the likelihood of participation and make it more convenient for them to provide this information.

  • Physician Form Processing: Employees get a form filled out by their doctor that has all their biometrics on it. Our in-house document processing team processes and verifies these physician forms.

  • Biometric File Processing: Have a 3rd party that already collects biometric data for your employees? We can receive biometric file feeds from third party vendors and automatically process them for the benefit of employees and administrators.

  • Device-Reported Biometrics: We sync with all major health and wellness apps/devices, and process the biometrics data that they provide.

  • Biometrics Screening: We can send medical professionals to your office to complete a biometric screening on-site for your team.

  • Self-Reported Biometrics: Your employees can submit their own biometric data to IncentFit.

Data is Organized & Safely Saved to your Employees Records

IncentFit organizes, and safely stores your employees’ biometrics data in accordance with HIPAA and SOC 2 measures. We aggregate and encrypt your employees’ biometrics data in order to protect their privacy.

Learn more about how IncentFit Safely Stores Biometrics Data

How Biometrics Data is Used

Biometrics data helps employees learn about their health and get personalized health recommendations for improving it, all while protecting their privacy by aggregating their data through HIPAA compliant reporting.

  • Biometrics Data is Shared with Employees: This can help employees understand their current health status, identify any potential health risks, and take steps to improve their health and well-being, leading to a better quality of life.

  • HIPAA Compliant Population Health reporting: HReal-Time Automated, Aggregated HIPAA Compliant Reporting. You will always have access to real-time aggregated HIPAA compliant reports that will present major themes for your population health biometrics data. This will inform high-level strategic decision making that administrators would make using a product like CompleteHealth.

  • Personalized Health Recommendations: Depending on your IncentFit product(s) setup, your employees will get actionable, personalized health recommendations that are built to lead them on their wellness journey. Recommendations are designed to mitigate any existing health concerns, as well as proactively prevent any future health concerns.

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