Actionable Personalized Health Recommendations

Our Personalized Health Recommendation capability encourages your employees to take action on improving their personal wellness. Say goodbye to the fluff, and hello to health recommendations that move the needle on improving population health!

Truly Personalized

IncentFit uses your employees' own health and wellness data. So no two people get the same recommendations, and each recommendation is designed to be achievable!

Easy to Take Action

Each recommendation is actionable, with a clear and attainable next-step such as learning about a topic, taking a more detailed assessment, or completing a goal.

Constantly Evolving

Our personalized health recommendations update as your employees complete healthy activities. Your employees will always have a next step to take on their wellness journey with IncentFit!

IncentFit's Personalized Health Recommendations help Administrators Proactively Improve Population Health, in a Meaningful, Personalized Way

Show Your Employees that You Care About Them!

Wellness programs traditionally have low participation rates, mainly because the experience isn't tailored for any given employee. Savvy administrators know their way around this, and try to personalize the wellness program experience for every employee.

With Health Recommendations, each employee is participating in their own mini-wellness program on top of your company-wide program.

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Lead Employees in to their Wellness Journey

Personalized health recommendations help employees make healthier choices that are more likely to be successful.

When employees feel a sense of accomplishment after completing their health recommendations, they will subconsciously train themselves to look out for, and complete more health recommendations as they come.

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Reduce Employee Health Care Spending Costs!

Health care spending is at an all time high because as a population, we're not the healthiest! Many employers bear the brunt of rising health care costs on a yearly basis, and have no effective way of tackling this problem.

That doesn't mean you can't do anything to improve your situation! Health recommendations help organizations shift their focus from reactive health care, to preventative care. 

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How it Works

1. Recommendations are Constantly updating with Your Employees Data to Generate Actionable Recommendations

IncentFit continuously gathers information from the sources below in order to generate recommendations that are up to date and relevant for your employees:

  • Your human resources software
  • Your employees' biometric information
  • Activity logs from fitness apps, and trackers
  • Wellness program participation history
  • Pulse Surveys
  • Health assessment questionnaires

2. Health Recommendations Algorithm Analyzes your Employees Data to Generate Actionable Recommendations

Our health recommendations algorithm builds a complete picture of your employees health and wellness data, in order to create completely customized health recommendations. This helps administrators strategically focus on population health initiatives.

Our system is designed to constantly update your employees’ health recommendations with their latest health and wellness information.

3. Your Employees can take Immediate Action on their Health Recommendations

Your employees are notified of health recommendations that they can take action on. We make the next step easy for them, by giving them the tools they need in order to take action.

That may mean consuming health content and health newsletters, taking a more in-depth assessment, setting up a specific, measurable, realistic, and time-constrained (SMART) goal directly within the IncentFit app, or any number of other clear action-items.

Examples of Health Recommendations

The examples below give you a sense of how Health Recommendations are customized for everyone on the team using their health, and wellness information.

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