How to Maximize Engagement with Wellness Challenges

Best practices for improving participation in corporate wellness competitions

Last Updated Dec. 2020 by Allie Ilagan
How to Maximize Engagement with Wellness Challenges - IncentFit December 2020

How can we turn healthy habits into a game?

At their best, corporate wellness challenges foster employee engagement, teamwork, loyalty, and morale, all while helping to form lasting change.

But they don't do any good if folks don't participate!

So which types of challenges get the best engagement? And what can employers and administrators do to maximize their success?

In this paper, we’ll explain why challenges fail and what factors influence participation.

Key insights:

  • The four types of challenges, and what most employers tend to do
  • What happens to participation when you offer a prize
  • Why we recommend admins create teams, instead of letting employees pick
  • Examples of poor game dynamics and how to fix them
  • 10 powerful tips to run your best challenge yet

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