Measuring What Matters: The ROI of Workplace Wellness

Last Updated Feb. 2020, by Allie Ilagan and Gabe Priyev

How can employers calculate return on investment for a workplace wellness program? 

Half of all workplaces in America now offer some sort of wellness program. That means millions of employers have already made the call to invest in their employees' health.

What does a return on that investment look like?

This whitepaper will help employers understand how to measure and understand the impact of your wellness program, from financial returns to more holistic measures.

Inside, you'll find:

  • differences between disease management and lifestyle management
  • key findings from published ROI research
  • 3 types of program success measurement
  • how to do your break-even calculation
  • IncentFit's 8 tips to maximize ROI
  • and more!

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