Course schedule

Session 1: Corporate Wellness 101

What is corporate wellness? Where did it come from? Learn the history of this fascinating industry—from early labor movements all the way to today's modern solutions. We'll discuss how and why today's employers are investing in their employees health, wellbeing, and happiness.

Session 2: Understanding the Wellness Landscape

What kinds of companies are investing in wellness? Who are the important players in the space, and how do they work together? We'll explore the industry landscape and current options for employers of any size.

Session 3: Running a Sucessful Program

Learn what it means to design and customize a program. Understand the differences between participation and engagement, and how to measure the impact of wellness within your company. And finally, learn to plan for iteration and improvement.

Wellness Foundations Series

When we invest in employee wellness, everyone benefits.

In this three-part webinar series, you'll learn how and why your employees' health and wellness impacts your business.

We cover the history and fundamentals of corporate wellness, provide a look at the industry landscape, and emphasize three key parts of running a successful program: design, engagement, and improvement.

Who it's for:

  • HR professionals, especially those brand new to wellness
  • Employees or administrators who manage any aspect of employee benefits 
  • Managers abd brokers who want to understand why this matters to the company 
  • This series is open to anyone who wants to learn more, but will be most beneficial for companies with 50-500 employees.

How it works:

Each session qualifies for SHRM professional devlopment credits.

Participants can register for free for all three sessions, or select any that seem most relevant or interesting. We recommend attending the full series for best results!

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Intro to Corporate Wellness

Understanding the Corporate Wellness Ecosystem

Five Steps to Wellness Program Success