Benefits Strategy

Seven Tips for Maximizing Your Clients’ Wellness Programs ROI

You play a crucial role as a broker in guiding your clients towards maximizing the ROI (Return On Investment) on their wellness initiatives. Since these programs not only contribute to the health and well-being of their workforce, but also offer significant ROI when successful, it’s important that you recognize the variables that affect them. By Read more…

Benefits Strategy

How to use the Cigna Gym Reimbursement, and an Alternative Reimbursement Program your Employees will Love

As part of their wellness programmes, insurance companies frequently provide gym reimbursement or discounts. Cigna is a large insurance company that provides a number of wellness programmes, such as gym reimbursement and discounts. These programmes may be popular with policyholders because they provide a financial incentive to engage in healthy activities such as going to Read more…

Workplace Wellness

Why Employee Benefits are Important & 7 Popular Benefits Employees Love

With the demand for a work-life balance on the rise, a current pandemic, and a massive job market, employee benefits are more important than ever. If companies want to stay relevant up against competitors, offering a great benefits package is the place to start. This article will dive into the importance of benefits for both Read more…

Guest Contributors

How Does Exercise Improve Work Productivity

Everyone knows the benefits of exercise to health. It plays a key part in maintaining healthy lungs, heart, and other bodily systems and in managing your weight. But did you know that exercise can also improve your work productivity?