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Big Change for Nike+ Users

Written by Gabe

Unfortunately Nike has decided to switch business strategies. In 2014 they shut down their hardware business and now they have shut down open access to their data as well. While some third-parties continue to have access, the majority (including IncentFit) are no longer able to read Nike+ activity data.

Instead of direct access, Nike has requested that we connect to their apps through Apple Health (for iOS users) and Google Fit (for Android users). We have already enabled access to Google Fit, and Apple Health will follow shortly. We’ve emailed all affected users with instructions on how to transition to the new Nike integration.

What are Google Fit and Apple Health?

These are Google’s and Apple’s solutions for sharing fitness data between apps and platforms. They are data-exchanges that allow companies like IncentFit to securely access fitness data (once you’ve allowed access). To see them in action on your phone, feel free to download the Google Fit app and use it to track your steps (most Android phones come with it pre-installed) or open up the Apple Health app on your iOS8 or newer device.

In the near future we’ll be releasing many more features and integrations through Google Fit and Apple Health. Stay tuned to learn more!

If you would like to learn more about this topic, we have also published a guide to Wearable Technology and it’s benefits!

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