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Guide To Company Perks & 85 Awesome Company Perks You Can Offer

Written by Kate

Are you thinking of ways to support your staff, without having to increase wages and salaries?

As we continue to fight inflation, employees will become increasingly dissatisfied with their earnings and may try to negotiate a raise with you. On the other hand, tax increases, and overall increasing overheads are straining operators as well. All of this is happening at the onset of a possible financial storm as well.

Irrespective, leading companies are choosing to be sensitive to their employees’ needs because their work is keeping the lights on and helping grow their respective organizations. Our economy is a bit tricky, despite the looming financial crisis, recruiting is as difficult as it has ever been in recent decades. Employers are trying to do everything they can to retain their employees so that they don’t need to go through a long, difficult recruiting cycle.

If your firm isn’t looking to spend more on wages and salaries, there may still be an easy way to boost employee engagement and satisfaction. You can rely on several easy-to-implement company perks (usually a part of a broader fringe benefits strategy) instead of increasing earnings. These perks can be a great way to support your employees, and show them that you care, even in these difficult times.

This in-depth article/guide lays out over 85 popular company perks you can rely on to show employees that you care. These options differ in ease of implementation, scale, and cost but can guide you in designing a policy that matches your budget, operational style, and company culture. The article/guide will also define company perks and explain why employers usually offer these perks.

Now it’s time to dive in and learn more about these company perks. Click on any section below to get a quick answer to that question!

Why Should We Offer Perks At Our Company?

Offering creative employee benefits that make a difference can help you recruit, and retain talented employees. A Social Market Foundation report found that a happy employee is more stimulated and productive, as compared to disgruntled employees. But happiness doesn’t depend only on the amount you pay an individual.

In today’s business environment, company perks are fundamental to your employees’ well-being and fulfillment. Perks make it easy for employees to meet their basic requirements, allowing them to concentrate on their assigned tasks. For example, a Qualtrics report showed that sixty-four percent of millennials agree that employer perks contribute greatly toward employer loyalty.

Raises may provide a short-term morale improvement, but employer perks can offer further benefits and give talented employees a strong reason to stay. A study found that up to fifty percent of your employees would be willing to switch employers, for better benefits and perks.

The good news for you is that there are several popular company perks that you can easily and cost-effectively implement. These perks will not only help you improve employee morale, but also help you win the recruitment and retention battle. Check out this comprehensive list of 85 awesome company perks that you can offer at your company!

85 Awesome Company Perks You Can Offer At Your Company

  1. Condensed/Shortened workweek – By offering your worker a shorter workweek, you improve their ability to use their spare time to focus on hobbies or passion projects
  2. Paid birthdays leave/off – Paid birthday offs makes your employees feel appreciated, and lets them enjoy their special day doing what they love
  3. Free/funded food or meals or lunches – A mutual free/funded meal is a hit in any office, and your team members will love the team camaraderie by sharing a meal with their co-workers
  4. Dog-friendly workplace – Several studies show that office dogs can boost productivity, improve employee morale, and minimize stress.
  5. Flexibility or flexible schedule – Flexibility or a flexible schedule job can lower employees’ stress, improve their wellbeing, and positively impact their quality of life.
  6. Gift card & event tickets – This cost-effective incentive will drive employee engagement and improve team camaraderie because it shows your team that they’re cared for. Rewarded employees will always feel more energized to work.
  7. Professional development – Professional development is a great way to show your employees that you care about their growth, and it also helps you up-skill your team as well (some employers also offer an education stipend to employees)
  8. Wellness/Fitness expense help – These employee stipends encourage and reward team wellness & health. Some employers also offer a dedicated fitness reimbursement program, or wellness reimbursement program to tackle this popular perk. Alternatively, employers also set up corporate gym memberships or employee gym memberships for their employees.
  9. Transportation subsidies – This popular incentive signals a helping hand to your team  who commute to work
  10. Relaxation breaks – These quick breaks help employees return to their work happier, re-energized, and ready to focus on their task at hand
  11. Mobile meetings – can build trust with your team and others as you collaborate on the go.
  12. Get outdoors – Give your employees a different environment, and give them some fresh air. It’ll do wonders for productivity & creativity!
  13. Working hard while playing hard – Work-life balance or quick exercises at work helps relieve stress, foster relationships, and boost motivation, flexibility, & wellbeing.
  14. Laugh it up – Laughing boosts productivity, strengthens the immune system, and reduces stress.
  15. Walk it out – Introducing centered treadmill desks boosts productivity, improves health, and promotes exceptional motor skills.
  16. Cut them slack – Appreciate your walking or biking employees by allowing them to leave a few minutes early and arrive (a few minutes) late.
  17. Friday fun bonus or package- A weekly Friday fun activity is a great way to show appreciation to your crew.
  18. Work from home stipends– Allowing your employees to work remotely even one day per week boosts productivity, enhances employee recognition, upgrades accountability, reduces stress, and improves efforts & spirit toward achieving your shared goals.
  19. Team-building events – These wellness programs allow your crew to engage with others and create deep-rooted connections outside the workplace while enhancing crucial soft skills.
  20. Supported organization off-site bonus/retreats/lunches – These retreats enhance team effectiveness, improves their response/efforts, and boost motivation in each team. They also help in increasing employee satisfaction.
  21. Volunteer time – Regular or yearly volunteer time enhances your brand perception in the public and improves employee happiness & morale at the same time
  22. Paid sick leave and holiday – Regular or yearly paid vacations and/or sick leave ensure you don’t have a fatigued team staggering around the office. It also shows that you value your employees’ wellbeing.
  23. Unlimited holiday period – Unlimited vacation time allows your employees to feel cared for and manage their stress as they wish, allowing them to remain alert and involved while at work.
  24. Friday half days or off – A great mood booster, and a way to improve the energy at your company.
  25. Extended maternity or parental leave – An extended maternity or parental leave allows your employees to enjoy valuable time with their newborns without sacrificing earnings. It also shows that you recognize your employees’ rights.
  26. Acknowledging national events – helps to get your team socially engaged at the office, giving them a conducive space where they may create connections with their co-workers.
  27. Matching charity programs – ensure your employees feel assisted in making essential/positive impacts for foundations and charities they care about.
  28. Friendly competitions – Consider introducing an essential/beneficial competition that promotes healthy choices and friendly competitions improve team camaraderie
  29. Charitable/fun course/service/activities – a great way to promote positive activities, beneficial competition, employee retention, and encourage teamwork.
  30. Healthy/Delicious snacks – an overall low-hanging fruit, and shows your employees that you care
  31. Assistance with tuition reimbursement or college/candidate/student loan repayment –  a great way to retain talent, or to allure younger talent and reimburse new-graduate recruits or staff (who are) trying to seek more advanced classes/certifications/degrees.
  32. New parent support  – via supported/formal flexible scheduling and time off.
  33. Workforce recognition program – ensures your potential employees feel appreciated and validated by their peers/supervisors.
  34. Communal games or game rooms – These games or wellness programs foster digital creativity, enhance employee recognition and improve digital productivity.
  35. Remote work stipend – to cover a working-from-house expense or upgrade an employee’s home office and technologies.
  36. Parental/paternity/childcare rooms – to serve as the comfort spaces for breastfeeding mothers and prenatal mothers who require rest.
  37. Snack machines & healthy cafeterias – to increase employee recognition, well-being, and health.
  38. Corporate-branded swag – The advantage of this fun perk is that it enhances your team camaraderie, and makes everyone rally toward your shared mission
  39. Free desktop music solution reduces employees’ stress and keeps them focused.
  40. Free communal corporate library – including different business magazines, movies, and books for employee satisfaction, reading, studies, and enjoyment.
  41. Cycle-to-work scheme – reduces your employees’ carbon footprint and ensures your remain fit.
  42. Local restaurant (e.g., Starbucks) discounts/compensation – This discounted perk on restaurants like Starbucks assists in stretching salaries and ensuring your employees are treated well.
  43. Weekly free coffee – Gifting your gang these weekly drinks gives them a fun break from the staff room’s coffee.
  44. Eldercare course/guidance/studies – The advantage of this perk is to help train the employees on how to care for their aging family members.
  45. Financial advice guidance/solution/tips – These guides help employees attracted to your firm make reliable decisions in accordance with expert/finance advice.
  46. Paid online learning with trainers- to help your employees who are looking to upgrade their reading skills, learn, and develop professionally by pursuing paid courses/classes.
  47. Cell phone reimbursement policy – reimburse your employees, ensure they’re treated well, and save your organization from buying all new equipment and technologies.
  48. Stock options – Offer your workforce the option of always buying your stock at a reduced price.
  49. Purchasable pet insurance – Offering purchasable pet insurance is another unique way of engaging with your team, and their pets.
  50. Sabbaticals & Yay days – to allow your employee to get outside, contribute, and enjoy their wanted/desired activities
  51. Household chores support inclusion- to eliminate the additional jobs from your teams’ life outside of work
  52. Personalized snacks – Gifting your team personalized snacks helps to express your love, and care for your team’s wellbeing
  53. Intra-organization town hall with an engaging activity that matches your millennial’s preferences/goals – to create work-life balance plus a personal rapport.
  54. Medical benefits – Rewarding your team will always lead to improved productivity. You can motivate and provide your employees with comprehensive medical insurance plans, including general healthcare, vision, and dental care. Some insurance companies offer their own wellness reimbursement program as well, such as the Cigna gym reimbursement program, humana wellness program, or the Go365 program by Humana.
  55. Equity benefits – to instill ownership and belongingness in your group. This planned perk promotes commitment and employee retention.
  56. Fun virtual meetings – to get your employees partnered and allow them to contribute and interact.
  57. Travel/adventure allowance (sometimes called travel stipend for employees) – encourages your team to take a few days off work and return while more energized to help you achieve your goals.
  58. Introduce fitness tools/apps with trainers – These tools and applications can help your employees add to their existing health and wellness toolset
  59. Subsidized insurance compensation terms – The importance of these plans/terms is they serve as safety nets for your employee and their loved ones.
  60. Monthly plant subscription – to enhance your teams’ productivity level, improve employee satisfaction and assist them with refreshing plants.
  61. Grocery delivery – Organizing regular/planned grocery delivery to your team encourages them to cook and consume healthy meals.
  62. Laundry service help – Arranging and offering laundry service helps because it’s a time-saving and handy optional perk that can take this duty off your employees’ schedules.
  63. Self-care kits – the importance of these kits or items is to ensure your employees don’t feel overworked and generate poor work quality.
  64. Work anniversary voucher – is crucial to appreciate/celebrate your staff’s milestones and special days.
  65. Adoption assistance – is a supportive and thoughtful perk for personnel who have issues with adopted children, adopting or clearing bills for fertility-related treatments.
  66. Casual or informal work dress– This popular benefit offers your employees a chance to wear casual or informal dresses on most days of the week in accordance with their desires or preferred choice. This is especially popular for work environments that typically have very formal work attire (think banking or law)
  67. Trivia night programs– to motivate, know your workers more, and boost the overall invested organizational culture.
  68. Monthly 1:1 meetings  – can ease anxiety and reduce stress related to the practical issues your employees are facing – (meaning) it can promote a healthier working environment.
  69. Identity theft protection – Help your staff by giving credit tracking and more benefits to safeguard them from identity-related theft.
  70. Creative workstations – You can arrange and design your workstation to boost employee experience, promote creativity, improve accountability and enhance productivity.
  71. Office parties – Keeping your team happier at work can improve employee experience, decrease turnover rate, increase job satisfaction and boost employee engagement.
  72. Direct paycheck deposit terms – This employee benefits package allows your teams to access their paycheck with less hassle, minimize payroll processing costs, and cut costs associated with paper check printing/mailing.
  73. Home/house buying help – You can earn points by helping individual team members buy their first homes by offering tips or a specific resource to make the process easier
  74. Retirement planning – Retirement planning helps your employees implement a smart and sustainable strategy, which will be a crucial resource once they are in retirement
  75. Egg freezing – to empower employees to career and family-related policies, visions & significance.
  76. New baby/childcare/daycare/kids allowance (sometimes referred to as day care benefits for employees)- to make parenthood easier for your team members, and show them that you care about their life outside of work (some employers also offer these perks through lifestyle spending accounts, or lifestyle benefits)
  77. Unpaid for flu shots healthcare – for a healthy working environment or to protect your teams from becoming sick.
  78. Treadmill desks – to help your talented staff relieve stress and improve their reported productivity levels.
  79. Donate screen protectors – Donate screen protectors to reduce eye strain issues and prevent vision and other problems/matters.
  80. Biometric screening sessions– These sessions help to educate or help your employees understand their biometric measurements and control their health.
  81. Sleep pods ideas/benefits package- to help employees who find mid-day naps beneficial for their productivity, and overall wellbeing
  82. Mental health hours – mental health has the same impact as physical health and therefore necessitates the same treatment.
  83. LGBT awareness ideas/training/college – to educate or foster LGBT approval and inclusivity.
  84. Dress-up days – dressing up for special days, like Halloween, can make your workplace more interactive, especially if you involve prizes for the best costumes.
  85. Job shadowing  – to allow your team members to master new skills/software, improve their work experience, and learn more based on the other team’s policies, operations, and corporate structure significance.


Don’t hesitate about your recruitment and retention challenges any more! Take action, and implement some of the company perks above to show your employees that you care! If you would like to learn more about fringe benefits, check out this guide on the different types of fringe benefits you can offer.

You can use company perks to create a flywheel that helps you improve your workplace culture. You’ll experience improved productivity and soaring engagement rates from your current workforce. If you want to explore ways to implement any of the above company perks, feel free to schedule a call with our team.

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