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How to Keep your Humana Wellness Program Alive

Written by Ameer

Employees may lose access to vital health tools, incentives, and support if a wellness programme, such as Humana Go365, is discontinued. Wellness programmes, like as health screenings, exercise challenges, and counselling services, frequently provide tools and resources to assist employees maintain their physical and mental health. Furthermore, employees may lose the incentive and accountability that comes with engaging in a wellness programme, resulting in a reduction in general health and well-being. Wellness programs are a key fringe benefit that employees expect nowadays!

Finally, incentives like cheap gym memberships or other awards for fulfilling wellness goals may no longer be available, which can be a substantial loss for employees who rely on them for motivation. To ensure that employees may continue to prioritise their health and well-being, HR managers must identify ways to continue giving wellness programmes and services to them even after a programme like Humana Go365 is ended.

Keeping a wellness program alive is more beneficial to a company in both the short and long term. In the short term, a wellness program can improve employee productivity, reduce absenteeism, and decrease healthcare costs. According to a study by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, 65% of employers reported improved employee morale as a result of wellness programs, and 63% reported increased productivity. Additionally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that absenteeism costs employers $225.8 billion annually, but workplace health programs can decrease absenteeism by an average of 25%. In the long run, a wellness program can improve the overall health of a workforce, resulting in a decrease in chronic diseases and associated healthcare costs. According to the American Heart Association, a company can save $6 for every $1 invested in employee wellness programs through lower healthcare costs and reduced absenteeism. It can also help to create a culture of wellness within the company, which can attract top talent and improve the company’s reputation. By investing in a wellness program, a company can ultimately improve the well-being of its employees and its bottom line.

Alternatives to Your Humana Wellness Program

HR administrators have many alternatives when faced with the cessation of a wellness programme such as Humana Go365. The first alternative is to terminate wellness at the firm entirely, which, as previously noted, can have a detrimental impact on employee health, engagement, and retention. Another alternative is to host one-time wellness activities or programmes, such as wellness challenges, health education and resource distribution, on-site events, walking meetings, and so on. While this is a cost-effective approach to give some wellness programmes to employees, it may lack the continuing support and resources that a full wellness programme can provide. 

Finally, HR directors should look for another wellness software vendor to replace Humana Go365, which can provide employees with similar services and incentives. However, any new wellness vendor should be thoroughly evaluated to ensure that they connect with the company’s values and goals and that they provide the resources and assistance that employees require to prioritise their health and well-being.

Discontinue Wellness after the Humana Wellness Program Ends

While ending a wellness programme may appear to be a cost-cutting move, the decision can have far-reaching consequences for a company’s culture, recruiting and retention, and employee morale. According to a Society for Human Resource Management research, 75% of employees consider health and wellness offers when choosing an employer, and 60% of employees say employer-sponsored wellness programmes improve their job satisfaction. 

Furthermore, a study by the American Psychological Association found that employees who perceive their employer as caring about their well-being are more likely to report high levels of job satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. By discontinuing a wellness program, a company may be sending the message to employees that their health and well-being are not a priority, which can lead to decreased morale and a negative impact on the company’s culture. Additionally, a study by Aon Hewitt found that companies with high employee engagement have 22% higher profitability and 21% higher productivity compared to companies with low engagement. A company may boost engagement and, as a result, drive better business outcomes by investing in employee wellbeing. As a result, before making any decisions, HR administrators must carefully evaluate the long-term implications of ending a health programme.

One-Off Wellness Events and Programming

When faced with the discontinuance of a wellness programme such as Humana Go365, holding one-time wellness events and programming might be a cost-effective approach to give health activities to employees. Wellness challenges, such as step challenges or healthy eating challenges, health education and services, such as nutrition or mental health courses, on-site activities like yoga classes or health fairs, and adding walking meetings into the workday are examples of these events.

One advantage of organising one-time wellness events is that they may be personalised to employees’ individual needs and interests, which can enhance participation and engagement. Offering a meditation class or a stress management course, for example, if the company has a large number of employees who are interested in mindfulness and stress reduction, might be a terrific approach to engage those people. Furthermore, one-time events can give a pleasant and sociable manner for employees to engage with one another outside of work, which can raise morale and increase employee satisfaction.

However, there are certain drawbacks to this strategy. One-time events may not provide the continuing support and resources that a comprehensive wellness programme does, limiting the impact on employee health and well-being. Furthermore, without a comprehensive wellness programme in place, it can be difficult to maintain employee engagement and motivation over time. It is critical to understand that wellness programmes are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and what works for one organisation may not work for another. HR administrators should thoroughly assess their employees’ requirements and interests to determine whether conducting one-time wellness activities is a suitable choice for their organisation.

According to a study by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, 72% of companies surveyed offer wellness events or challenges, and 65% offer on-site wellness programs. Additionally, a study by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 76% of companies surveyed offer wellness resources and information to employees. This suggests that holding one-off wellness events and offering health education and resources is a popular and effective way for companies to promote employee health and well-being.

According to a survey conducted by the National Business Group on Health, 80% of large employers (those with 500 or more employees) offer a comprehensive wellness program to their employees, while only 18% offer only a limited or a la carte wellness program. This suggests that firms would rather invest in establishing a complete wellness programme that provides ongoing support and resources to employees than rely exclusively on one-time events and programming. Furthermore, the same poll discovered that businesses who provided comprehensive wellness programmes had higher employee engagement, increased recruitment and retention, and lower healthcare expenses than those who simply provided a limited or a la carte programme. This implies that investing in a comprehensive wellness programme can have long-term benefits for both employees and companies.


Replicate Your Humana Wellness Program with a New Vendor

Don’t be worried if your Humana Go365 wellness programme is being phased out. You can still deliver a full wellness programme to your staff by selecting a new wellness software vendor. Look for one that has features and services comparable to Humana Go365, such as personalised wellness plans, health assessments, coaching and support, and incentive and rewards programmes.

This will benefit both your company and its employees. A thorough wellness programme for your company can result in lower healthcare expenses, enhanced productivity, and better employee retention. According to a research conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, organisations that implemented wellness programmes had lower healthcare expenditures and absenteeism rates, as well as higher employee productivity and engagement.

A wellness programme for your employees can enhance their physical and mental health, reduce stress, and raise job satisfaction. Employees who engaged in a wellness programme were more likely to report improved health behaviours, stress management, and job satisfaction, according to a poll conducted by the National Business Group on Health.

Don’t be concerned about losing your wellness programme. You can continue to give your employees all the materials and support they require to live healthier, happier lives by partnering with a new provider.

How IncentFit Can Help You with Your Humana Wellness Program

IncentFit is a software platform that helps HR administrators create successful and popular wellness programs for their employees. Our platform offers a variety of tools and features to make it easy for administrators to design and launch customized wellness initiatives that meet the unique needs and interests of their employees. Wellness programs with IncentFit are designed to encourage employees to lead healthier lifestyles and improve their overall well-being, which can lead to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved employee satisfaction. Our platform also provides data and analytics to help administrators track the effectiveness of their wellness programs and make data-driven decisions to optimize their impact.

Copy Over Your Humana Wellness Program

IncentFit can surely assist you if you’re looking for a wellness software vendor who can completely mimic your Humana Go365 health programme (we can also help employers with Cigna Gym Reimbursements)! We recognise that switching to a new platform can be stressful, and we want to make the move as easy as possible.

We can easily copy your wellness programme as is onto our platform, which means you’ll have the same user experience, features, and structure as before. This means that your employees will notice little to no differences, and you will be able to continue offering the same level of wellness care that you did with Humana Go365.

Further Customize & Personalize Your Humana Wellness Program

At IncentFit, we believe that wellness programmes should be tailored to the unique needs of each organisation and its employees. Our platform provides a wide range of customisation choices, allowing you to customise your wellness programme in ways that Humana Go365 would not enable. You can be as involved in setting up that customization as you would like!

For example, you may use IncentFit to build personalized health challenges and programmes for certain employee groups such as departments, regions, or even people. You can also establish your own wellness objectives and track your progress towards them in real time. To incentivize and encourage employees to engage in your wellness programme, you can offer a range of incentives, like as exercise courses, gym memberships, and even cash prizes.

We also automatically personalize the wellness program for your employees, so that they get the most out of your program. For example, we worked with data scientists at Northwestern University to develop our SmartEngage system. SmartEngage automatically creates highly engaging fitness challenges tailored to employees’ fitness levels. It uses real fitness activities and data to group employees by location, activity type, and activity level, ensuring that challenges are fun and engaging. 

We have also created a Personalized Recommendations system that automatically creates personalized recommendations based on user data to promote healthy habits and behavior change. Our platform integrates with popular health tracking apps and wearables to gather data, and then provide customized recommendations on nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being. The goal is to empower users to make sustainable lifestyle changes, leading to improved health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs for employers.

We Will Share Wellness Program Best Practices With You

Working with a wellness software vendor like IncentFit can help an administrator because they can obtain regular feedback and advise on best practises for wellness programmes. IncentFit works with hundreds of similar-sized businesses and can offer significant insights into what has worked effectively for others in terms of wellness programme structure, incentives, and engagement techniques. This input might assist administrators in fine-tuning their wellness programme to maximise participation and impact. IncentFit may also provide data-driven insights into the effectiveness of the wellness programme, enabling the administrator to make educated decisions and continuously enhance the programme.

Don’t let the shutdown of your Humana wellness program bring down your employee morale and retention rates. Talk to us at IncentFit about how we can seamlessly copy over and customize your program on our platform, and continue providing your employees with the benefits and engagement they need. Contact us today to learn more.

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