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The Secret to Creating Engaging Fitness Challenges

Written by Maria

Engagement. You’ve heard this word before, but what does it mean? How do you achieve it? For Wellness Programs, engagement is active participation in the program. For many employers running their first wellness challenge, engagement will be a tricky thing to master. You want your employees to participate, and be motivated, but you don’t want the step challenge or walking challenge to be too easy: it’s a challenge after all!

At IncentFit, we’re constantly working to raise our engagement levels, and producing engaging fitness challenges for our clients. Our research and customer feedback led us to realize the best challenges–and the most engaging challenges–were ones that achieved a balance between competition and accessibility. Fitness Challenges needed to push employees to work a little harder, but not leave behind employees who couldn’t reach 10,000 steps a day.

SmartEngage: The Engagement Solution

But now that we had the answer, we needed to find a way to create this kind of highly engaging fitness challenge. So we turned to what we know best: technology. Working in conjunction with data scientists at Northwestern University, we developed SmartEngage. SmartEngage creates challenges perfectly tailored to your employees’ fitness levels. Runners can compete against runners, and walkers against walkers (we can also set up group challenges, or personal challenges). Likewise, employees compete with co-workers they know, and who are at the same fitness level as them. This approach directly targets and challenges employees to reach achievable goals, creating the competition necessary to drive engagement.

Unlike other challenge platforms SmartEngage users your employees’ real fitness activities and data to create your challenges. We group employees by location, activity type, and even activity level. That’s what make SmartEngage challenges the best on the market: you don’t have to guess what kind of challenge will work for your employees; let SmartEngage do the thinking for you. The result is fun, easily implemented, and most importantly, engaging challenges that will keep your employees moving. Want to learn more? Check out our challenges platform!

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