Workplace Fitness Challenge Template

Step/Walking Challenge Template

Last Updated Aug. 2021 by Ameer Asghar
workplace fitness challenge template

Begin the Wellness Journey for your Company

Step/Walking Challenges are a great way to cost-effectively promote fitness for any company. If done properly, they are also highly engaging, and easily accessible for almost all employees.

This free Google Sheets tracker template will get you started on implementing an awesome fitness challenge for your company!

Once you start to see how effective, and engaging these challenges are for your company, you may want to consider using a more flexible, and efficient solution than a spreadsheet.

Here's how IncentFit can make Challenges easier for you:

  • We automate record keeping administration by syncing with 30+ compatible apps and devices
  • Choose from dozens of pre-built challenge templates, and customize them to your needs
  • Gamify the challenge, to increase engagement and participation
  • Quickly gain statistics with our dynamic reporting, to see how effective the challenge is
  • Easily payout the winning employees(s) in seconds

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