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7 Challenge Prizes to Encourage Healthier Eating Habits

Written by Amber

Everyone benefits when you offer nutritional prizes for wellness challenges in your corporate wellness program. You promote better nutrition while still providing employees fun incentives for exercising. We’ve listed some of challenge prize ideas that promote healthier eating habits in the office:

Meal Kit Delivery

Meal delivery services send you proportioned ingredients and recipes typically for nutrient rich meals. There are are a lot of great options out there such as Home Chef or Sun Basket. They’re awesome because they not only support a healthy diet, they teach users how to cook!

Dieting Materials

Some people may want to use a diet plan to help them reach their weight lost goals and the materials can be a little pricey. Providing the materials for this as challenge prizes is a great motivator to keep it moving. Popular diets include: Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach.

Farm Shares

A farm share is when you pay upfront for a number of fresh produce and other goods from a farm each week during harvesting season. These are pretty popular because they introduce new produce to people as well as supporting local agriculture.

(Healthy) Restaurant Certificates

Offer a lunch (or dinner) for two to the trendy healthy restaurants in your area as a reward.

Nutritional Gift Basket

Healthy gift baskets are super flexible. They don’t have to be boring! Include things such as teas, nuts, and fruit.

Juicer or Blender

Everyone needs a good juicer or blender! Vitamix is extremely popular and we’re sure with this as a challenge prize, engagement rates will be through the roof!

Nutritionist Visits

Nutritionist visits can be pricey, and most people prefer to save their health allocated income for those dentist visits they’ve been avoiding. Offer reimbursement for a nutritionist visit as a prize. Your staff could learn a lot!

Great challenge prizes aren’t the only way to keep employees engaged. Incentfit’s app can show employees where they stand in a fitness challenge to give them that extra push! All challenges are completely customizable. Contact us to hear how.

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