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How To Fight Off Challenge Fatigue

Written by Amber

One of the biggest obstacles to maintaining a work out routine is boredom. This is especially true in corporate wellness programs. If a corporate wellness challenge is extended for a significant period of time, they can experience a reduction in participation rates. We call this challenge fatigue. This is when employees get bored of challenges, and stop actively competing and participating. Watch out! Challenge fatigue is contagious. When one employee begins to lose interest, they can bring other employees down! Never you fear, IncentFit is here! This is what IncentFit does to combat challenge fatigue and maintain high engagement over time:


Want a cost effective program you can just set and forget? With AutoPilot, IncentFit automatically creates new and interesting wellness challenges for your group every four to six weeks. We run challenges in fitness, step challenges, walking challenges, nutrition, sleep, meditation, mindfulness, finances, group challenges or personal challenges, and other healthy topics. Our expert wellness coaches create the challenge, the content, the marketing materials, and everything else you’ll need to have a successful and engaging challenge. Best of all, we don’t run the same challenge twice so employees won’t get bored!


With SmartEngage, our intelligent algorithms automatically place employees into groups based on their fitness levels. This is based on all the activity data we automatically track, so no need for surveys or forms. We then automatically run wellness challenges for each group based on their fitness level. That way you get real compeitition. No more dog walkers competing against marathon runners. Each challenge is at the appropriate level because you only compete against your peers based on their activity for the last few months. Real competition means real engagement and we’ve seen very high engagement rates in these challenges.


You know your company best. Our challenge platform gives you the tools you need to customize challenges for your company easily. Choose the fitness activities, length of challenge, who will be invited, teams, and prizes and we do the rest! We handle communication, tracking, showing the live leaderboard, and announcing winners. Don’t know where to start? We have a long list of challenge templates ready to go at a moments notice. Pick one, customize it, and you’re off to the races!

Track it!

Tracking progress has been proven to motivate people to keep up with their goals. A 2007 study found that participants that used a pedometer increased their physical activity by 27%. Our app makes it easy to track challenge progress anytime, anywhere. Participants can see their own progress, challenge leaders and more!

SmartEngage and AutoPilot work because we use behavioral science to create challenges that are right for your company. Both programs work seamlessly with our app available both on the Apple App Store and Android Play. Contact Incentfit to learn more on how to create customizable challenges for your company today!

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