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Our New Challenges Feature: AutoPilot!

Written by Amber

We are proud to announce the launch of IncentFit’s AutoPilot program! AutoPilot is our new wellness feature created to routinely run wellness challenges for employer groups. We know you’ll love this low maintenance addition to our line up. Here’s why:

Set It and Forget It

We handle everything! Every month we create a challenge, make sure it’s new and interesting, communicate it to employees, and run the challenge from start to finish. We email all company administrators 2 weeks before the challenge begins to give them a chance to make changes or opt out of the challenge if they’d like. Other than that, we take care of everything so you focus on the millions of other things you need to get done!

Designed by Experts

All AutoPilot challenges are designed by our wellness coaches and gamification experts. That means that they are always interesting, informative, well-designed, and healthy. In addition, our gamification experts make sure the challenge is balanced and that different people are winning the challenges each month.

Works for All Fitness Levels

AutoPilot includes our proprietary SmartEngage technology. That means the challenges can vary based off of employee fitness level. Walkers will compete against other walkers, and runners will compete against other runners. We do this to create a more engaging environment for the team. No one wants to feel like there is too much or too little competition. This is one of the ways we get the highest engagement rates!

AutoPilot is perfect for your company if:

  1. Your employees are suffering from challenge fatigue.
  2. You don’t have time to customize your own challenges.
  3. You’ve run the same (or very similar) step challenges and employees are getting tired of it.
  4. You want a wellness program that’s based on engagement.
  5. You have employees of varying fitness levels.

We know how hard it can be to begin a fitness routine and stick to it. AutoPilot was created so that companies can easily offer fitness challenges that are fun and appealing. Think it’s right for you? Shoot us a message. Want something a little bit more rewarding? Check out our Rewards program. We’ll never stop coming up with new ways ways to create low-cost, high-engagement wellness programs!

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