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Big Updates to Pulse Surveys: May Admin Updates

Written by Allie

May 2021 IncentFit Admin Newsletter
May is national Mental Health Month! Read on for some ways to support your employees this month, as well as some exciting product updates from IncentFit.

Big Updates to Surveys

Pulse Surveys offers more ways to communicate with your team. In the past, all surveys reported results in aggregate form. Now admins can select from four privacy settings:

  • Private: no information is shared with administrators, results are only available to the participant
  • Aggregated: all individual results are combined and shared with admins as a summary
  • Anonymous: individual-level data is shared, but identifying information is not
  • Shared: both aggregated and individual data is shared with admins

We’ve also added functionality to decide how frequently your surveys reoccur and how long they run. Admins can also download a CSV of all the results for surveys using aggregated, anonymous, or shared privacy settings.

This month is a great time to run a mental wellness survey! We’ve created a survey template to help your employees think about their mental health, and identify common anxiety, stress, and depression risk factors. Contact us to learn more.

Feature Highlight: Sort Challenges by Theme

Did you know that you can select Wellness Challenges by theme or activity type? Admins, take a look at the options in the IncentFit webapp, where you can browse all of the challenge templates at once, or select from engaging themes like nutrition, strength, walking. This month, try an option like “Work Hard + Play Hard,” which encourages employees to seek a healthy balance between work and personal lives.

Other updates

  • Want to encourage your employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine? We’ve done the research on how to offer incentives through your wellness program. Read our blog post for full details.

In good health,
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