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Wellness Benefits Without Administrative Burden

Written by Maria

If you’re an HR administrator you’re probably familiar with paperwork. And usually, wellness employee benefits, and employee benefit program administration requires a lot of paperwork due to the incentive management process. In fact, this can be a major deterrent of implementing any new program. So if your company wants to run a step challenge or institute a gym reimbursements program, you might think that paperwork is going to be unavoidable.

For many wellness programs, this is true. Many insurance companies provide gym reimbursements, but you or your employees are going to get stuck with the paperwork. Likewise, you might find yourself entering steps from an excel spreadsheet to figure out who won the latest fitness challenge. While this may have been necessary before the age of fitness trackers and apps, paperwork is no longer required to implement a great wellness program.

How we do things differently

At IncentFit many clients who come to us have had previous wellness programs. These clients are committed to a great wellness benefits program; and that means they focus on strategy, not administration (check out this guide on what a benefits administration system is). They don’t manually add employee payments to paycheques, or track employee gym attendance, or keep track of everyone’s steps in a spreadsheet. Those are the types of things that just shouldn’t be done by hand anymore.

Our objective in creating new wellness programs centres on making HR admins the champions of programs—the ones who promote them and believe in the good they do. But being a champion for a program doesn’t mean running the program. Instead, it means focusing on employees and driving the strategy behind the wellness program. It means thinking strategically, running data analysis, and figuring out how to help employees further. That’s why we give administrators tools to run reports, and we institute smart tech alternatives to paperwork. Instead of manually entering steps, our system allows employees to connect their fitness trackers. Instead of having admins process paper attendance logs, employees use our geo-location app service that lets them check-in to facilities. In short, we use technology to remove the administrative burden of wellness benefits programs, letting administrators get back to their jobs.

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