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How to Implement On-Site Fitness Classes at Work (And Why it Matters!)

In the landscape of contemporary workplaces, employee wellness initiatives have moved to center stage, and rightly so. According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report, only 23% of employees are actively engaged in the workplace. This number is far too low.  But what if we told you that implementing fitness classes at work could Read more…

Guest Contributors

How Does Exercise Improve Work Productivity

Everyone knows the benefits of exercise to health. It plays a key part in maintaining healthy lungs, heart, and other bodily systems and in managing your weight. But did you know that exercise can also improve your work productivity?

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How Do Home Workouts Fit Into Your Corporate Wellness Program?

Sometimes clients ask us how to incentivize people who don’t like working out at a gym. What about the employees who want to exercise at home? Our products are incredibly flexible by design: because no two companies are exactly the same, your wellness benefits should fit your people and culture and your goals as an Read more…

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Client Spotlight: Synaptics goes all-in on wellness

Chances are, if you’ve ever used a touchpad, fingerprint reader, or tablet device, you’ve connected with Synaptics technology. So it makes sense that a company that revolutionized human interface and touch technology would integrate tech into many aspects of work—including wellness in the workplace. Synaptics’ 2,000 employees rely on a cohesive health and wellness program Read more…


What’s the best fitness tracker for swimming?

Swimming is one of the best workouts you can do for your body. Adding in an effective swimming wearable technology fitness tracker can help you record progress, work toward goals, or earn credit with IncentFit. What To Look For Competitive swimmers regularly track their progress by measuring technique, conditioning, and race times. But anyone can Read more…