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3 Reasons to Promote Healthy Sleep Habits in Your Wellness Program

Written by Amber

Healthy sleep habits can play a crucial role in your wellness program, and your employees’ personal wellness. Usually when we think of a hard worker we imagine an employee hunched over a cup of coffee plugging away on a computer dead into the night. Despite popular imagery, most research suggests that sleep deprivation is counter productive. Most everyone is better off using those extra hours to catch some ZzZ’s instead. Here are a few reasons why making time for sleep will make you employee of the month:

You’ll be a better speaker

Staying up late preparing for your presentation? Chances are it’s causing you to stumble over your words. Evidence implies that those who get fewer hours of sleep are more likely to have speech errors including slurred speech and stuttering.

You’ll have better memory

There is definitely a correlation between how efficiently you work and how much you sleep. A lot of research suggest that a goodnight’s rest increases your ability to focus on the task at hand. Furthermore, evidence shows that sleep is important to learning new tasks quickly and having better memory. Sleep is essential to staying alert and ready to take on the day’s challenges.

You’ll be in a better mood

Although it seems like common knowledge, it’s important to point out that sleeping is important to maintaining optimal emotional health. Surveys showed that participants that received less than 7 hours of sleep felt more stressed throughout the day. Lack of sleep is also linked to mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Better mood = better prepared to take on daily stresses at work.

These days making sure that we get enough sleep is easier than ever. We can keep track of sleep with smartphone apps and fitness trackers. Many of those apps and trackers are even able to do keep track for you, you don’t have to do anything special! IncentFit has been including sleep as a part of our incentives and challenge products for years. So far the results are extremely positive, with employees saying they feel more rested, more productive, and happier when they make time to sleep.

Motivate employees to get better sleep with Incentfit’s sleep challenges. Contact us today to see how you can support healthy sleep habits at your company!

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