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Autumn Adventures: October App Updates and Features

Written by Allie

This new season has us excited for autumn adventures and new team challenges (and maybe a pumpkin spice latte or two). Here’s the latest from IncentFit.

New Biking Challenge

Better strap on a helmet for our newest challenge! Invite your colleagues to “Hit The Road” in this competition to see who can bike the most miles in 30 days. This low-impact exercise is easy on the joints, great for building leg and core muscles…and it’s fun, too.

Participants will be able to track their mileage with any fitness tracker, or with synced mobile apps such as Map My Ride or Runkeeper.

IncentFit's Hit the Road Challenge tasks employees with biking as many miles as they can in 30 days

Building Gym vs. Exercise At Home?

You may have read our recent blog post about why we discourage adding at-home workouts to your plan. But what if your employees work out at a gym in their apartment building or housing complex? We’ve added a distinction for residential fitness facilities..

Coming Soon

We’re launching a new website this month! Stay tuned for a fresh look, with even more helpful content and downloadable resources for benefits managers. We can’t wait.

Web Portal Tweaks:

  • Not sure if your latest activities have synced? Look for the new refresh button on the activities timeline.
  • The admin Communications tab has new resources, including QR codes and other marketing materials to help you connect with employees.

Want to chat with us? We’re happy to help! You can always call 1-844-INCENTFIT or email

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