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Sweet Dreams and Rewards Aplenty: July Updates and Features

Written by Allie

In this month’s IncentFit update, we’ve made it easier to get (and give) what you’ve earned with all that exercise and hard work.

Sweet Dreams Challenge

Carefree summer vacations may not be on everyone’s calendar, but we still recommend takings some time to slow down! Challenge yourself and your employees to get a good night’s rest by joining in the Sweet Dreams challenge.

Over the course of 30 days, participants will learn healthy sleeping habits and earn points by syncing a device or manually tracking their hours of shut-eye. (Love this idea and want to take it even further? Consider adding a sleep reward like Casper.)

Screenshots of IncentFit's new My Rewards screens on a web display and a mobile display

Control Your Rewards

We’ve updated the look for how users see and manage their activity rewards. This should make it easier to understand and control how an individual’s rewards are distributed. You can choose to receive everything via direct deposit, redeem credit in the merchandise mall for gift cards or other prizes, or select a charity beneficiary.

Find it under the My Benefits tab on the web or under Reward Settings in your app.

Do Some Good

Did you know IncentFit users can put their rewards to work? Do some good by opting to donate a percentage of earned monthly rewards to one of six partner nonprofit organizations: American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, March of Dimes, National Forest Foundation, Swing for Kids, The Humane Society, and the Wounded Warrior Project. Want to add your favorite cause? Nominate a charity!


  • Two popular fitness trackers are shutting down. If you or your employees have used the Moves app or Jawbone devices, please choose a new app or device to pair with IncentFit. We recommend three free apps as an alternative: Samsung Health, Apple Health, or Google Fit.
Corporate Wellness Benefit Managers having a discussion while looking at an electronic tablet.

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