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Can I pay my employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

The short answer: yes you can!

The better answer: yes you can and you should. When employers promote healthy behaviors, including encouraging up-to-date vaccinations, everyone benefits. Sick days decrease. Productivity stays strong. Morale improves. And most importantly, your employees' health and wellness is prioritized.

As the coronavirus vaccine becomes more widely available, companies are considering strategies to convince more employees to get the jab!

In this quickstart guide, we'll show you how to incentivize your employees, why it matters, and answer some common questions.

Key insights:

  • ways to encourage employee vaccinations
  • top 5 reasons to reward employees for the COVID-19 vaccine
  • what types of rewards to offer, and how much is too much
  • examples of other Covid-safe wellness programs employers are running now
  • potential legal troubles and how to avoid them

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