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Recognition Based and Low Cost Challenge Prizes

Written by Amber

Wellness challenge prizes don’t have to take a lot out of your budget. Using recognition, and other non-monetary forms of challenge prizes, has many benefits to both the employer and the employee. Not only is it budget friendly, but employee recognition leads to decreased turnover, better teamwork, and improved performances. We’ve listed a few ways that you can use employee recognition as a reward in your corporate wellness program:

Social Media Recognition

Recognizing the winner of a challenge in the company’s newsletter, Facebook, or Instagram is an awesome way to make employees feel special. Social media reaches more than just the office staff making the shout out feel just that much more awesome.

Lunch With the CEO

Lunch with the CEO is always win-win. These lunches are a chance for employees to get to know their higher ups, while getting to know more about the company’s bigger picture. Employees feel more appreciated which improves performance. Furthermore ample opportunities for growth.

Trophy or Plaque Passed Around the Office

Pick a trophy and give it a fun name and have the person who wins the challenge keep it at their desk for a week. Bragging rights!

Personalized Certificates

Certificates are one of our favorite options because they really have a lot of room for creativity while showing your appreciation. Certificates also allow you to recognize just one area in a fitness challenge. In a step challenge, you could award a certificate for the highest amount of steps overall, or the most steps in one day. More recognition for everyone!

While employees love big fancy financial gifts, tokens of appreciation will be received just as well. These social displays of recognition are also a great way to inspire other employees, and show what kinds of behaviors are valued in your corporate environment. Looking for other low cost challenge rewards? Try using IncentFit! We can help you reward employees for only the amount that they accomplish! Ask us how.

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